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Best DIY Projects of 2019

Here are the best DIY projects from Mama Needs a Project in 2019.

As 2019 comes to a close I’ve been getting so sentimental about the projects I’ve tackled this year and all the growth that has happened on Mama Needs a Project.

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Starting about mid-year of 2019 I challenged myself to complete at least one DIY project a week to share with you and that little challenge has resulted in my most productive year EVER! I’ve checked things off of my to do list that have literally been on there for years – what a great year!

Best DIY Projects of 2019

I looked back through all of my blog posts in 2019 (almost 100!) and narrowed them down to the most popular projects for the year. These are the projects that were viewed the most and shared the most on social media.

And it turns out your favorites are some of my favorites too. It has has been an exciting, busy year at Mama Needs a Project! Here are the best DIY Projects of 2019.

Most Popular Woodworking Projects

Honeycomb Trellis

This unique garden trellis add some serious interest and height to the new garden I added in my backyard this year. The whole thing is made of 1×2 hexagons and secured just using wood glue and a brad nailer.

I’m thinking about re-finishing it this year to add a big pop of color against the fence – maybe bright yellow?

This DIY project was Mama Needs a Project’s most popular post on Pinterest in 2019!

Check out the full Honeycomb Garden Trellis tutorial and printable woodworking plans.

Easy 2×4 Bench

I’m not sure if it’s the crazy-low lumber cost of this bench (only $15!) or the modern design that made this project the most downloaded woodworking plan of 2019.

modern 2x4 bench, $15 project

The Easy 2×4 Bench is just one of several projects I completed for my month-long Front Porch Makeover. During September 2019 I built new front porch furniture, decorations and a HUGE raised flower bed to fix some drainage issues on the front of my home. It was a big undertaking, but the results were totally worth it!

Here are the free printable woodworking plans and some building tips for the Easy 2×4 Bench.

Most Popular Home Project

Budget Half Bathroom Update

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see that my Half Bathroom Update rose to the top when I looked into the most popular home project on Mama Needs a Project in 2019.

This post is a recap of how I made my own inexpensive wainscotting from 1/8″ plywood to update my builder-grade half bathroom. I did this project nearly 5 years ago! So the pictures are older and a bit grainy. I honestly never expected to be sharing them with the world.

before, during and after pictures of bathroom update with diy wainscoting

The before & after pictures of this bathroom are pretty good and the project is something that I was able to complete totally by myself, without any clue what I was doing. So, maybe it’s the simplicity of this makeover that draws people in.

Head over the blog post to see all of the before and after pictures and a recap of how I updated my small half bathroom on a serious budget.

Most Popular Crafts

Burlap Rag Wreath

My Burlap Rag Wreath tutorial is one of the very first blog posts that I ever published! Since writing up this simple tutorial it has consistently been one of the top 3 blog posts on Mama Needs a Project month after month.

burlap rag wreath tutorial with white burlap farmhouse style wreath pinterest image

The process for creating a burlap rag wreath is incredibly simple and I give you all of the details for how to make your own in the easy to follow tutorial. There’s an even a printable version of the instructions that you can use for quick reference or to host a wreath-making party.

Go to the Burlap Rag Wreath tutorial and printable.

How to Colorwash Wooden Beads

When I made my Simple Hanging Plant Shelf earlier this year, I decided to colorwash some wooden beads as part of the design. The method of colorwashing I used gives wood a varied color while still preserving the wood grain.

blue colorwashed beads in a hand

This simple tutorial has been saved over and over again on Pinterest and accounts for a good portion of web traffic every month. It’s so easy and I love the look of the colorwash.

Learn how to colorwash wooden beads.

Best DIY Projects of 2019

This first year of Mama Needs a Project has been so much fun! And the 5 projects above have risen to the top as the Best DIY Projects of 2019.

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Thank you for following along, reading, sharing and commenting on all of my projects over the past year. You have made this journey so much fun! And 2020 is going to be even better.