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Change Your Home Decor Style on a Budget

In this post I talk about how the process of changing your home decor style on a budget. I’m in the middle of changing the style of my home decor right now! I’m using lots of patience and frugal methods to completely change the vibe of my home and turn it into a place that is full of color and personality.

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Changing your home decor style on a budget

Over the last year or so I’ve been transitioning my home decor from rustic neutral to bright, happy and colorful. I’m not really sure what the official name of this new design aesthetic is, but I can tell you that it is totally me. I have always been drawn to bold colors, bright floral patterns and fun textures. Bringing these elements into my home just makes me so darn happy.

For the longest time I decorated my house based on two things: how other people’s houses looked and what I could find on the clearance rack. It was boring and dull and seriously lacking any kind of personality.

So over the last year I’ve finally embraced my personal style and started filling my home with all of the things I truly love. Now my home is brighter, happier and so much more fun.

Plus, the process of redesigning is so much fun!

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I found this rug on Amazon for a great price a couple years ago. It’s even less now than when I bought it! (Nourison Passion Traditional Bright Colorful Area Rug, 8′ x 10′, FUCHSIA)

Don’t be held back by your budget

When I first decided to embrace my love of color and redecorate my home I was pretty overwhelmed. I kept thinking about all of the money I would have to spend to make it happen. It felt impossible and like an unnecessary, self-indulgent project. There was nothing really wrong with my decor and I just couldn’t justify dropping a bunch of money on something that felt so frivolous.

So I’ve spent the last year finding ways to convert my home to a colorful oasis without breaking the bank. Here are some of the things that have helped me change my decor style on a budget.

1. Patience

As a total cheapskate I knew that I couldn’t justify to myself buying all new decor. So, instead of redecorating my house all at once I’ve been doing it little by little. I wait for sales, search for deals at the thrift store and scour garage sales. It is slow moving and waiting to come across the perfect piece at the perfect price can feel like it is taking forever. But, little by little this house is becoming the happy place I’m dreaming it to be. If you want to change your style without breaking the bank, patience is key.

pink bathroom, change your home decor style on a budget

This simple plant hanger in my pink master bathroom was a quick and cheap DIY with a big impact.

2. Get Crafty

When I can’t find the exact piece I’m looking for or I just can’t afford the price tag I try to find a way to make it myself. Even if you think you’re not crafty, trust me – there is a tutorial on Pinterest for EVERYTHING. When I couldn’t afford high quality toy storage, I built it. When I couldn’t justify the price of dining room chairs I thrifted some and gave them a quick makeover. If your style is a bit unique or you’re on a tight budget creating some of your own home decor may be the best way to decorate your home. 

diy modern cubby shelf toy storage woodworking tutorial

DIY modern toy cubby shelf for stylish and functional living room toy storage.

3. Be Super Picky

I have so many pieces of decor that I’ve bought over the years because it was ‘good enough’ only to bring it home and have total buyer’s remorse. So now when I’m shopping I ask myself a few questions before I make a purchase:

  • Do I know exactly where I’m going to put this?
  • Do I really love it?
  • Would I love it even if it wasn’t on sale?

These questions help me to save money because they stop me from buying things that I don’t love. It also helps me to cut out the clutter of overbuying.

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Here’s a favorite little spot in my kitchen. This simple shelf was built with a piece of scrap wood and these brackets from Amazon.

4. Make Room for the New Stuff

Last, if you want to make room for the new stuff you have to get rid of the old stuff. Decluttering can go a long way! I did a little bit of Marie Kondo-ing to clear the old decor out of my home. Cleaning out the old is also a great way to make some money for your new decor! I sold many of my items on Facebook Marketplace and in a neighborhood yardsale. Between the two sales I made nearly $500 to put toward my new style! 

Rainbow garland for bright and colorful home decor

I grabbed this colorful pom pom banner from the dollar spot at Target. It’s the perfect pop of color for my fireplace mantel. (Plus a basket full of trucks and dinosaurs because this is real life over here.)

5. Use What You Have

Changing your style doesn’t necessarily mean that you need all new stuff. In fact, many of your things can probably be modified to fit your new style. Modifying might just mean styling them differently or making a few crafty changes. 

To update my living room the biggest thing we did wasn’t buying new furniture, but rearranging it. Another little change with a big impact was reorganizing my big bookshelf. It sounds so trivial, but it made a huge impact!

I also made this half circle headboard to spice things up in the bedroom!

6. Buy Secondhand

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve already gathered that I love shopping secondhand. Much of my decor has been found secondhand through Facebook marketplace, thrift stores or garage sales. These shopping scenarios are perfect for me because I seriously love discovering a good deal.

Here’s some quick advice for buying secondhand:

  • Always check furniture items for structural damage. Look at the legs and base of the item.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of water damage and signs of bugs. Dirt and dust can be removed, but water damage or signs of bugs are a big red flag for me and I don’t purchase those items.
  • Buy from places that you trust. Use your best judgement when purchasing fabric items like couches or cushions. Most thrift stores will check for bed bugs before bringing these items into their stores – an infestation in one item could ruin all of their other furniture. So make sure you are purchasing these items from reputable places and do your own checking as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to barter! It doesn’t hurt to ask for a lower price. The worst the seller can say is no.
colorful home decor, thrifted home, change your home decor style on a budget

Our entry way is a combination of handmade items, thrift store finds, garage sale deals and special family pictures. There’s a few too many shoes and a few empty frames, but man do I love this spot! The art, mirror, plant and some of the frames are all secondhand.

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change your home decor style on a budget

Changing your decor style on a budget

Transitioning the style of your home doesn’t have to be a big, expensive project. If you spread it out over time and follow my simple tips you’ll be well on your way to a freshly decorated home without making too much of an impact on your budget.