diy scrap fabric garland

Colorful Scrap Fabric Garland

I love colorful fall decor and that’s what I had in mind when making this Colorful Scrap Fabric Garland. You can see my original garland with colorful fall fabric on my front porch and another rainbow one on display in my house.

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colorful scrap fabric garland with balls and tassels

Last month I worked through a series of outdoor DIY projects in my Budget Front Porch Makeover. This garland was one of the little projects I completed in that makeover, but I ran out of time to tell you about before the month was over.

diy front porch furniture, plants and outdoor pillows

It’s a quick simply project that will add a punch of color where ever you need it. And, with different fabrics you can make this scrap fabric garland match any style decor. I think it would look especially cute with some pale pastels in a nursery. 

Printable Instructions

I put together printable instructions that you can use to make your own Colorful Scrap Fabric Garland. You can find the instructions in my free resource library. I keep this library full of printable craft tutorials and woodworking plans and my email subscribers have 24/7 access to everything inside! To get the secret password sent directly to your email, just fill out your information below.

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Colorful Scrap Fabric Garland


Make your Colorful Scrap Fabric Garland

Scrap Fabric Balls

To make the scrap fabric balls, first cut your fabric into strips about 1/2” wide. When cutting my strips I just estimated the width. It’s okay if they’re not all exactly the same.

strips of colored fabric

Once you have your strips cut, you can start gluing them to the foam floral design balls. Use your glue gun to glue one end of a fabric strip the foam ball. Wrap the strip all the way around the ball until it makes a circle. Add a dot of glue to hold down the end of the fabric strip and then cut off the extra fabric.

covering balls with fabric for scrap fabric garland

Glue your second strip around the ball so that it is perpendicular to the first. It will create a cross. I tried a few different ways to glue my strips on and found that starting with the first two strips glued on like a cross used the least amount of fabric.

colorful scrap fabric garland, fabric covered balls

Continue gluing the fabric strips around the ball until you have covered all of the foam. You will want to vary where you start your strips so they are not all starting and ending the same place. If you start all of the strips in the same place there will be a lump on the ball in that spot.

fabric covered balls

Scrap Fabric Tassels

After you have finished making the scrap fabric balls, you can use the extra fabric strips to make some tassels. 

fabric tassels

I separated my extra fabric strips into sections with a variety of colors in each section. Then I tied the top of each section together with some white string. I did a few knots just to make sure it would hold. You could add a dot of hot glue to secure the knot.

Once they were tied together, I trimmed up any long pieces of fabric.

diy geometric wall art, outdoor wall art with a colorful garland underneath

Put it all together

After the scrap fabric balls and tassels are done, it’s time to put it all together! 

Arrange the balls and tassels in the order you want them on in your Scrap Fabric Garland. Then, use your needle (threaded with the string) to add the balls and tassels to the string. 

Pierce the needle through the center of the foam balls.  And, pierce the needle through the knotted string at the top of the tassels to add them to your scrap fabric garland.

When selecting a needle, you will want to make sure that it is long enough to go all the way through the foam balls. I used this one and it worked great.

You can make knots between the balls and tassels to prevent them from sliding around on the string, or you can add some dots of hot glue to keep them in place.

rainbow scrap fabric garland with fabric covered foam balls and fabric tassels

Colorful Scrap Fabric Garland

This quick little project won’t clean out your stash of scrap fabric, but it will make a little dent. And it’s just so cute! I love having this little bit of color added to my front porch and I can picture it in so many more places in my home.

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colorful scrap fabric garland, no sewing required

I want to hear from you!

If you make a scrap fabric garland, will you please share it with me? I love seeing your creations! You can find me as @MamaNeedsaProject on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions, please drop them below and I’ll get right back with you!