DIY burlap rag wreath tutorial, completed farmhouse style burlap rag wreath

DIY Burlap Rag Wreath Tutorial

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Burlap rag wreaths are the perfect addition to farmhouse decor. They’re super easy to make and the possibilities for color and style are literally endless.

A few months ago I had to move my sewing machine and my HUGE stash of fabric out of our spare room and into the master bedroom. I had no idea that I had amassed so much fabric until I actually had to move it! Oops!

It was a total wake up call that I either need to use the mountains of fabric I’ve been hoarding or just get rid of some. So I started searching for ideas to use up my largest pieces of fabric to start freeing up space.

That’s when I started making these wreaths to sell in my Etsy shop. Making these rag wreaths was a great way to work through the burlap in my fabric stash, and it even made me some money. (score!)

red white and blue burlap rag wreath
brown burlap rag wreath tutorial

These wreaths are super simple to make, but they do take a while. I made most of these while binge watching Westworld on HBO. You might end up with a few blisters and a sore neck, but they’re just so cute that it’s totally worth it.

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blue burlap rag wreath

Make Your Wreath

These instructions are available in a downloadable PDF that can be found in my free resource library. I keep all of my printables in a password protected resource library. It’s free for everyone to access. To gain access, just fill out your information in the form at the end of the post to sign up for my newsletter and get the password sent straight to your email!

1. Cut 1" wide strips of burlap

Cut your fabric into strips about 1″ wide. It’s okay if they’re not all exactly the same width. If you’re using burlap, be prepared for some clean up. Burlap sheds A LOT. You’ll definitely have to vacuum when you’re done and run a lint roller over yourself.

Tip for cutting burlap

The easiest way to avoid fraying when cutting burlap is to use the weave of the fabric as a cutting guide. Burlap has a very loose weave so it’s easy to see the different threads that make up the fabric. Find a thread about an inch from the edge and cut along this thread across your whole fabric. This will help you keep a straight line when you’re cutting and lead to less fraying.

2. Trim the strips

After you have cut all of your 1″ strips, they need to be trimmed down to make smaller strips to tie onto the wreath frame. I have found that cutting strips to at least 7″ long works best for me. If they are too short you’ll have trouble tying them on. If they’re too long your wreath will look goofy.

Don’t stress about making your strips all exactly the same. I usually cut 2 strips and then test out the length by tying 1 strip onto my wreath frame. If it looks like good I’ll use the other strip as a guide for cutting the rest of my strips. I can usually cut through 2-3 layers of burlap with my fabric scissors to make it go a little faster.

white burlap rag wreath

Cheap fabric tip

If you’re looking to make a rag wreath (or any fabric project) for super cheap, I’ve got a great tip for you! I am notoriously frugal and have very rarely paid full price for anything. I can’t help it! I love a good deal.

Anyways, a great place to find cheap fabric is at your local thrift store. Look for fabric tablecloths and curtains. I can usually find great quality tablecloths at my favorite thrift store for $.50 – $3. Totally worth it! Just be sure to completely unfold any fabric before buying it so you can check for stains.

A 60 inch round table cloth was enough fabric for me to make the orange wreath below on a 14 inch frame.

For more cheap fabric tips, check out Secondhand Fabric: Thrift Store Sewing Supplies.

secondhand fabric wreath, rag wreath

3. Start Tying

Once you have all of your little strips cut the only thing left to do is tie them to your wreath frame. Tie them with a single knot and pull it tight – super simple!

It’s going to take while so pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on Netflix and get to work. Be prepared for lots of lint rolling, maybe a crick in your neck and possibly a couple blisters. But totally worth it, right? 🙂 

back of DIY burlap rag wreath from burlap rag wreath tutorial
view of tied burlap strips from the back of the wreath
diy burlap rag wreath tutorial

4. Fluff & You're Done!

After all of those little strips are tied onto your wreath, you’re done! You’ve made a burlap rag wreath and it’s almost ready to hang up. To make sure your wreath is looking it’s best, turn all of your knots so that the strips are facing the front and the knots are on the back. You may need to give it a good fluff or a haircut if the strips look uneven. Whew, but you did it!

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If you love this style wreath but aren’t ready to put in the time, I’ve got you covered. I have a few styles of rag wreaths available in my project shop on Etsy. Check them out here.  

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your fantastic support! As of June 2019 I’ve closed my Etsy shop to focus fully on Mama Needs a Project.

Share your project

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I want to hear from you!

Have you made a rag wreath? Did you end up with blisters for days like me? Leave your comments below.

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