rainbow toddler garden in front of fence with window and flower box, hanging colorful flowers

DIY Garden Projects for a Unique Garden

It’s no secret that I LOVE being outside in my gardens. That’s probably why I have spent so much time creating DIY garden projects. And there’s a lot! I’ve compiled 6 of my favorite DIY garden projects to date on this page and I hope you’ll love them too.

All of these projects except for one are woodworking projects and all of them are appropriate for beginners. If you’re looking for more woodworking projects, you can find my whole collection in the woodworking tutorials section of the website.

And, if you need a little help getting started, you can find lots great beginner information in the woodworking education section.

DIY Garden Projects

Let’s dive in!

diy garden projects picture of window and flower box on fence with purple flowers

1. Honeycomb Garden Trellis

honeycomb garden trellis on fence with red flowers blooming in front

My Honeycomb Garden Trellis is my FAVORITE DIY garden project to date! I absolutely love this garden feature. It is a total statement piece and adds so much vertical interest to my little corner garden.

I decided to leave my trellis empty without any vines growing up it because I just love how it looks, but I’ve had several readers send me pictures of their trellises with climbing roses and other plants vining in and out of the honeycombs. It’s beautiful!

Honeycomb Garden Trellis | DIY Garden Trellis (with video!)

2. Toddler Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Toddler Garden, Rasied bed garden for kids, woodworking tutorial

Next up is the sweet little rainbow garden I built for my son. This little garden is so cute and it melts my heart to see my son playing in it. Last year we planted flowers in it, but this year it has become the hot spot for monster truck derbies and digging for treasure.

My intent with this raised garden was to give my son a space of his own where he could dig and explore. We spend a lot of time outside and he loves to help me in the gardens, but his help isn’t always so helpful. By giving him his own garden, he now has a place that he can dig to his heart’s content.

This garden would also be great as a raised sandbox!

Rainbow Toddler Garden Tutorial

3. Flower Box & Window for the Fence

fence mounted flower box unique garden design

Here’s another project for the fence.

Last year I installed this window and flower box on the fence and it is such a pretty addition to the garden. It is another way to add some vertical interest in a garden with low growing plants.

The window was a thrifted find and the flower box is made completely from cedar fence pickets. This frugal DIY garden project was so fun to complete and I love how it looks in the garden.

DIY Flower Box & Window for the Fence

4. Upcycled Plastic Nursery Pots

upcycled plastic flower pots painted like a rainbow and mounted to a fence with flowers blooming

These quick and simple upcycled nursery pots are the easiest DIY garden project on this page and they are such a fun, quirky feature!

I love buying clearance rack plants from my local garden centers and trying to bring them back to life. It’s a low cost hobby that has taught me so much about gardening. But, with my constant collection of plants I also end up with a huge stash of plastic nursery pots.

Last year I took a few of those plastic nursery pots, painted them rainbow style and mounted them right onto the fence. (I guess I really have a passion for vertical garden features.) Then, I found some annuals that matched my rainbow colors and plopped them right into the plastic pots.

This simple project is such a fun addition to my fence and, surprisingly, the plastic pots stayed in place without any noticeable fading for an entire year until I took them down!

Upcycled Plastic Nursery Pots

5. Front Porch Raised Flower Bed

diy raised flower bed in front of home with several pieces of diy outdoor furniture and decor

The DIY Raised Flower Bed for my front porch has easily had the most impact on the curb appeal of my home. This DIY garden project was a serious labor of love and I’m so glad that it has come together just like I pictured in my head. Actually, even better than I pictured in my head!

The whole project came about because of the awful drainage in the clay soil around my home. My front flower bed was constantly flooded and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get any plants to grow there. My last resort solution was building a massive raised flower bed and thank goodness it has actually worked!

I was worried that a wood raised flower bed would look weird as front landscaping, but it actually looks really nice. I get compliments from neighbors all the time about the front porch and I’m sure they’re just so glad it doesn’t look like a swampy mess anymore.

You could also consider adding a nice welcome sign to your yard!

DIY Raised Flower Bed for the front of the House (original post)

DIY Raised Flower Bed Update (spring update)

6. 2×4 Potting Bench

2x4 pink potting bench with flowers

The last DIY garden project on my list is definitely the most useful. This potting bench has been put to use for several years and it’s still going strong.

This was actually the very first woodworking project that I built entirely by myself nearly 6 years ago! Last fall I gave it a complete makeover and reinforced the construction so it would be ready for another 6 years of use.

I think the pink and stained wood combo turned out really nice and it’s another little happy spot in my backyard.

2×4 Potting Bench Makeover

DIY Garden Projects

I love being outdoors, especially in my garden and each of these DIY garden projects makes my outdoor space a little brighter and a little happier. I hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next DIY garden project. Happy building!

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6 unique garden diy projects, picture of small raised flower bed with rainbow design in front of fence with flower box and many colorful flowers
DIY garden projects text in front of honeycomb garden trellis attached to fence
diy garden projects picture of window and flower box on fence with purple flowers

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