Does Home Depot Cut Wood For You

Does Home Depot Cut Wood For You? (Updated for 2024)


Yes, Home Depot does cut wood for you at every location across the country at no extra cost to you, but you have to purchase wood in store. Just ask an associate and they’ll guide you through the process. You’ll get a few cuts for free but they might charge after 5.

Whether you’re an avid woodworker like I am, or you’re a weekend warrior who doesn’t want to break out your saw to cut wood, you might be wondering if Home Depot will cut wood for you.

If you’re wondering whether Home Depot will cut wood for you, what types of wood they will cut, and how much it costs – this guide is for you! Let’s dig in!

Does Home Depot Cut Wood?

Home Depot Wood Cutting

If you purchase a piece of wood in the Home Depot store, they offer free wood cutting services and they’ll cut it for you.

All you have to do is contact an expert to access this free cutting service at the store.

It’s critical to note that Home Depot offers this service at all of its locations across the country.

So if you move, you don’t need to worry about losing access. If there is a Home Depot near you, you can get free cuts whenever you need them, as long as the wood comes from the store.

However, there are some limitations and restrictions to the free policy.

These appear in the cuts offered and the price restrictions that come with the wood cutting service. You won’t be able to get unlimited cuts of wood in a single trip (Boooo!).

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Does Home Depot Cut Plywood?

Yes! Home Depot will make straight cuts on plywood just like other types of wood! It’s completely free and easy to do. Just ask an associate and they will have the wood cut for you in minutes.

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How Much Does it Cost For Home Depot To Cut Wood?

It’s free to get your wood cut at Home Depot if it comes from their supply.

As long as the request is within business hours and involves the proper material, it’s completely free of charge. It’s available for free to all customers.

That said, most Home Depot locations limit how many cuts can happen per item.

In most cases, you can only get two free cuts per wood at a Home Depot location. More cuts cost an additional $0.20-$0.30 per slice. It’s not expensive, but it does cost more to move past two cuts.

HACK: While they claim to charge you for additional cuts, I’ve always been able to get additional cuts for free just by asking a different associate.

What Types of Wood Will Home Depot Cut?

Types of Wood You Can Cut at Home Depot

Home Depot offers several types of wood you can have cut at the cutting station. Making these rough cuts can help you save money and time on DIY projects, so it’s worth using!

Common Boards

Common boards like 2x4s are some of the most common pieces of wood that Home Depot cuts.


Having plywood cut at Home Depot is very convenient and free.


Trim is another popular type of wood to have cut at Home Depot. Just remember to bring your measurements and always measure twice before cutting!

What Size Wood Can Be Cut at Home Depot?

What Size Wood Does Home Depot Cut?

While Home Depot can manage to cut many pieces of wood, there are some sizes that they might not be able to cut.

For example, if you want to cut a massive piece of lumber, it might be larger than the machine in-store.

Ultimately the size restrictions will depend on the store you visit. Each store has different equipment that can cut different sizes of wood, so it’s best to double check their machinery before making your purchase.

You can always ask a store associate before making your purchase and they’ll let you know.

Is It Possible To Get Project Cuts at Home Depot?

Project cuts are particular cuts that work to cut wood for a specific project. These are also known as precision cuts. Can you get precision cuts done at Home Depot?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get project cuts at Home Depot.

They only offer straight cuts to avoid customer dissatisfaction and the dangers of particular cuts in a location where customers roam the aisles.

If you want a project cut, you need to do it yourself or go to another location to cut the wood. You can only get a rough cut at Home Depot, which you can use to transform into an angled or precision cut.

Home Depot only performs rough cuts and does not promote precise cuts per their store policy.

If you need project cuts, you could try your local lumber yard or purchase a saw and do it yourself.

Does Home Depot Cut Wood At Angles?

Some people want wood cut at angles. Will Home Depot offer this for you, or is it necessary to take your wood elsewhere for an angular cut in your piece of wood?

Unfortunately, Home Depot will not cut your wood at an angle.

They only offer the basic straight cut, enough to slice your wood to a manageable size to fit in your car or work for your project.

This limitation is due to the location of the cutting section in Home Depot. It’s right in the center of the store. Lumber cut at an angle has the potential to hit someone walking down an aisle. Straight cuts allow for more control.

It’s also tricky for a worker to get the exact angle a paying customer wants.

If they get it wrong, it could cause trouble and leave a dissatisfied customer. The less risk is available in cut wood, the better for Home Depot. If you want angles, do it yourself or bring wood to another location.

Can I Have My Own Wood Cut at Home Depot?

No, Home Depot stores will not allow you to have your own wood cut in their stores.

If you want Home Depot’s free cutting services, you must purchase the wood from their store.

Additional Cutting Restrictions

Every location that offers a service, especially those as dangerous as cutting wood, has restrictions.

For example, Home Depot does not offer angular cutting for your wood. There are a few other cutting restrictions you should know about before heading to your local store.

Here are a few additional cutting restrictions at Home Depot:

  • Size restrictions: You can’t cut massive pieces of wood, as they will not fit in the machine. They also won’t make a cut less than a foot long in a material.
  • Cut number restrictions: You can only get two free cuts. The next cost a few cents a piece.
  • Type of cut restrictions: Home Depot only offers straight, rough cuts. There are no specialty slices offered here.

If you don’t like the restrictions Home Depot offers, you can always get your wood cut in another location like a local hardware store.

Does the Wood Have to Be From Home Depot?

Home Depot offers wood cutting services for wood that comes from their store.

Unfortunately, the free cutting service does not extend to wood that comes from beyond the Home Depot store.

There are a few reasons behind this limitation, all for the benefit and safety of the company.

First, the free cut is an incentive to get customers to purchase their wood at Home Depot. The company doesn’t want to waste its resources on another piece of wood. They would make no profit and add wear to their gear in the process.

Second, Home Depot equipment might not be able to stand against wood from an unknown source. The company knows their cutting tools can handle wood that comes from Home Depot. They risk damage and extreme wear when they don’t know where a type of wood comes from in the building world.

Check out the video below for more info about purchasing wood from Home Depot!

How Do You Get Your Wood Cut at Home Depot?

Ready to have your wood cut? Here’s how!

  • Decide on cuts: Determine what you need to cut and how much you want to be cut.
  • Locate the saw: Once in the store, head to the lumber section and find the wood cutting area.
  • Pick the cart: Select a cart big enough for your materials (a flat cart is usually a better option).
  • Find an employee: Locate an employee or store manager who is ready to cut wood.
  • Cut wood: Watch the employee cut the wood to the desired length.
  • Check out: Purchase your wood at the register.

Calling ahead of time is an excellent idea if you need lots of wood cut.

This will allow the store to prepare for your arrival and ready saws and employees for the process.

Tips for Home Depot’s Cutting Service

Whether you have plywood sheets, 2x4s, or another common board, below are a few tips tips for the best experience cutting wood:

  • Don’t rush: Don’t push the employee to go faster as they cut. It’s dangerous and can make the cut worse.
  • Be kind: It pays to be kind. You might even get an additional cut for free.
  • Offer a hand: Grab cut wood from them and put it in your cart to speed up the process for them.
  • Visit in slow times: Get your wood cut in the slow times to steer clear of long lines and rushed cuts.
  • Get ready: Prepare your measurements ahead of time and bring your own tape measure to show how long and where you want the cut in the wood to happen.
  • Call ahead: Call Home Depot and let them know you want wood cut to give them time to prepare for the work.

What Else Does Home Depot Cut?

There is more to Home Depot than wood. They offer many cutting services for a variety of products.

Here are a few more things Home Depot cuts:

  • Chains and some metals
  • Keys
  • Shades
  • Drywall
  • Rain gutters
  • Closet poles
  • Wire shelving

It’s always best to call your local Home Depot ahead of time to determine if they can cut your item.

Some Home Depot locations have different tools, while others have decided to avoid cutting some materials.


How much does it cost for Home Depot to cut your wood?

Home Depot will give you a few cuts completely free when you purchase wood in store. After around 5 cuts, you can expect to pay around $.25 per cut, unless you make friends with the associate.

Will Home Depot Cut Plywood for You?

Yes, Home Depot will cut plywood for you so you can avoid having to do it at home. Just ask an associate and they’ll make a few cuts for free.

Will Home Depot cut wood from somewhere else?

No, you must purchase wood in store in order for it to be cut at Home Depot. If you have wood at home you need cut, you’ll need to go somewhere else.

Final Thoughts on Will Home Depot Cut Wood for You?

If you need cut wood, Home Depot can do it for you.

There are some limits to what they do. The wood has to be from the store, the cut has to be at least twelve inches, and you can only get straight cuts.

If you purchase the wood in the store, you’ll get two absolutely free cuts. Additional cuts are only a few cents.

If you need basic cuts for your next DIY project and don’t have the power tools to get the job done, head to your local Home Depot to buy wood and have it cut for you!