Easy diy wood square caddy with handle

Easy DIY Square Caddy with Handle

This DIY Square Caddy is a super easy build! It’s a great small project for beginner woodworkers.

square wood caddy with handle on a table outside with grass in background

I built this wood caddy a few years ago using scrap wood from previous projects. It’s been used for a variety of things around the house since then: dinner table organizer with coasters, salt & pepper shakers & napkins; BBQ caddy for the deck to hold plastic silverware and napkins; desk organizer with pens and office supplies. This square caddy is totally functional and has a million uses.

diy square caddy with dining items inside

Easy DIY Square Caddy Dimensions

The finished square caddy is 11″ x 11.25″. The box is 3.25″ tall on the exterior and the handle is 7″ tall.  See the diagrams below to get a better idea of the dimensions.

Easy DIY Square Caddy with dimensions
side dimensions for easy diy square caddy

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Easy Square Caddy Woodworking Plans

I’ll share a quick tutorial of how I build this square caddy below, but you can find the full woodworking plans in my woodworking plan shop.

All of the woodworking plans in my shop include a lumber list, cut list and supply list. They also feature digitally rendered images and detailed instructions that walk you through each step of the build. I use easy-to-understand language that’s perfect for beginners.

Build an Easy Square Caddy

Lumber & Tools

How to Build an Easy Square Caddy

Make the handle piece

The handle is made using a 9.75″ 1×6. To make the cut out for the handle I used a 1.5″ spade drill bit to drill two holes into the board. Then, I connected the holes to make a handle using my jigsaw.

After making the cut out for the handle, I cut the top corners at an angle with my jigsaw.

square wood caddy with handle with light brown stain and white paint

Build the square caddy

After making the handle, this caddy is a quick build. I used wood glue and a brad nailer with 1.25″ brad nails for all of my joints. If you don’t have access to a brad nailer, you could also construct this box with 1.25″ nails. It will just give it a different look.

If you’re having trouble getting your pieces to attach securely with just the brad nailer, I recommend clamping the caddy until the wood glue dries. The glue will create a super strong hold.

Sand & Finish

Let your glue dry for a couple hours and then your DIY Square Caddy is ready for a quick sand. I used a coarse grit sandpaper to round the edges of mine, especially on the handle. 

close up of rounded edges on handle

For my finish I used a light stain and then dry brushed some white paint on top to give it a little texture. Dry brushing is when you add just a tiny bit of paint to the very end of the bristles on your paint brush and then brush it on. You can do a few layers of dry brushing to add to the depth and texture.

diy square caddy woodworking plans