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20+ Amazing Gifts for Woodworkers in 2024

So, you need to buy a gift for the woodworker in your life, but you have no idea what to buy. Don’t worry! These hand-picked items are perfect gifts for woodworkers of any level. They are all items that I personally use in my wood shop or items that are on my wish list.

I’ve only included items that I would actually use – no silly novelty items. These are awesome woodworking gifts that the woodworker in your life will be happy to receive. 

The list is split up by cost and clicking on the name of each item will take you right to it on Amazon – easy peasy. If you’re looking for a woodworking gift for your dad or yourself, these are amazing options you’ll love. Let’s get started!

Gifts for Woodworkers $25 or less


Construction pencils are probably one of the most practical gifts for woodworkers. Be sure to get ones that are flat like the pencils linked here so that they don’t roll away when your woodworker is in the middle of a project.

Safety Glasses

Your woodworker probably already has some safety glasses (at least they should!) but maybe they could use an upgrade. These safety glasses have protection all the way around the eye, which is so important to protect against sawdust and little slivers of wood that might be in the air while using a saw.

Project Calculator

Woodworking requires a lot of math! (much more than I ever anticipated.) This project calculator takes some of the headache away when figuring out dimensions because it calculates in feet and inches. It’s a great asset to any wood shop and makes projects just a little bit easier.

Extra Phillips Head Drill Bits

It’s always good to have extra Phillips head bits around because I ALWAYS lose them! Trust me, your woodworker will appreciate this gift.

Magnetic Drill Bit Holders

These are so, so handy! Imagine trying to drill a screw high up on a wall and that wobbly little screw just keeps falling off your drill every time you try to drill it in the wall. It’s so frustrating! These magnetic drill bit holders will not only hold the screw on magnetically, but they also have a guide that slips over the screws to keep them from wobbling. They make life so much easier.

Spray Paint Handle

If you’ve ever used a can of spray paint for an extended period of time, you are familiar with the hand cramps that come along with it. This simple little handle takes that away! It’s a super cheap stocking stuffer that your DIYer will totally thank you for.

Glu-Bot Glue Bottle

I bought one of these earlier this year, and I don’t know why I stalled so long on getting one! The perk of this type of glue bottle is that glue doesn’t dry inside the spout and clog it up like in traditional glue bottles. It is totally worth having one!

Right Angle Clamp

This special clamps helps to hold boards in place at a 90 degree angle so that it’s easier to drive screws in for a perfect corner.

Kreg Face Clamp

If your woodworker has a pocket hole jig like the Kreg Jig, then this clamp is a must! It is so useful to keep boards from moving when joining them together with face pocket holes.

Woodworking Squares

Everyone needs a woodworking square, making it one of the best gifts for woodworkers.

$25 – $50 Gifts for Woodworkers

Dewalt Titanium Drill Bit Set

These are the bits I use to pre-drill the holes on all of my projects and they’re great! They’re strong, durable and just about every size you might need is included in the set.

Rotape Compass

If your woodworker likes to make projects with curves this compass will come in so handy! I wish I had it when making my Toddler Rainbow Garden – it’s a serious upgrade from trying to make a handmade a compass for a project. 

Ear Protection with Radio

Here’s some next level ear protection that your woodworker will love! When using saws and loud equipment, ear protection is a must. These noise cancelling ear muffs are equipped with a radio!

Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers can be used for wood stain or protective finishes in addition to paint. They seriously speed up the finishing process and are such an amazing addition to your woodworker’s tool supply.

Jorgensen Steel Bar Clamps

Woodworkers always need more clamps. Always. We use clamps to hold our lumber together while wood glue dries. They’re a constant used tool in woodworking and your woodworker would totally appreciate a few more.

Digital Electronic Level and Angle Gauge

This digital angle gauge can be used to more accurately adjust the angle of saw blades, leading to more accurate cuts. It’s a super handy gadget to have on hand.

Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

This circular saw attachment makes it super easy to break down large sheets of plywood accurately. It’s easy to attach to a circular saw and is quicker than setting up a saw guide for each cut.

$50+ Gifts for Woodworkers

So I know that I said less than $50, but here are a couple things over $50 that your woodworker will totally love.

Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

I LOVE my Kreg Jig and use it on many projects. It is a jig that allows you to correctly angle your drill to create pocket holes. Pocket holes are a method of joinery that hides screws inside your project instead of drilling from the outside to connect boards. It results in a much more professional looking project. The Kreg Jig makes it super easy to create pocket holes for a variety of board thicknesses. I totally recommend it! There are several versions, but the linked product is the version I use in my wood shop.

GRR-RIPPER Pushblock for Table Saws

This pushblock is considered THE BEST push block for table saws. A pushblock is a tool used to guide wood through the table saw while keeping your hands at a safe distance from the blade. The cool thing about this one is that it offers several adjustments for whatever thickness wood your woodworker is using. Plus, it’s known for having amazing grip.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is extremely valuable when it comes to completing projects, and every woodworker should own one.

While this can be one of the more expensive gifts for woodworkers, it would certainly make their day!

Prices range from around $100 to over $2,000 depending on the type of air compressor but I’ve found you can get one of the best air compressors for around $600.

Final Thoughts on the Best Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

If you need to buy a gift for a woodworker, but aren’t familiar with woodworking it can leave you scratching your head. This list should give you some ideas for gifts that the woodworker in your life will totally appreciate and put to use right away!

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for DIYers, check out Stocking Stuffers for DIYers for some inexpensive ideas or browse the tools I use in my shop to get an idea of what they might like under the tree.