Gorilla Wood Glue Review

Gorilla Wood Glue Review (2024 Guide)

When it comes to wood glues, there’s no shortage of options available. Gorilla Wood Glue is one of the most popular brands on the market, along with Titebond and Elmer’s Wood Glue.

Wondering how Gorilla Wood Glue stacks up against the rest and if it’s worth your money?

In this Gorilla Wood Glue review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this popular wood glue and whether you should purchase it. Let’s dig in.

Gorilla Wood Glue


Very Affordable

Gorilla Wood Glue is an affordable adhesive for bonding pieces of wood together. In most cases, you should be able to get your hands on this glue for under $10.

Additionally, Gorilla Wood Glue comes in a variety of sizes so you can purchase the amount you need. This can make it even more economical if you use wood glue regularly.

Gorilla Wood Glue, 4 Ounce Bottle, Natural Wood Color, (Pack of 2)
  • Complete Projects Fast: Requires only 20-30 minutes of clamp time, fully cured in 24 hours. Quickly creates an…
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors: Passes ANSI/HPVA Type II water resistance. Can be used for all sorts of woodworking…
  • Versatile: Ideal for use on hardwoods, softwoods, and natural wood composites. Is a great wood super glue for…

Strong Bond

Gorilla wood glue is extremely strong. When compared to other wood glues, I found that the Gorilla brand was slightly stronger than both Elmer’s and Titebond glues.

This glue boasts shear strength between 3,900 and 4,000 PSI, which makes it one of the strongest wood glues on the market.

While it’s not quite as strong as some epoxy glues, these are in a category of their own. Compared to other PVA glues, Gorilla Wood Glue is one of the strongest available.

This is one of the best wood glues for cabinets and other projects you should consider.

Wondering how it stacks up against Titebond glue? Check out my Titebond vs Gorilla wood glue comparison!

Dries Fast

One thing about PVA glues is that they dry super fast, which can make your project progress that much quicker.

I found that Gorilla Wood Glue starts drying in less than 10 minutes and becomes solid in around an hour. In most cases, it’s fully cured within 24 hours or less.

Sandable and Stainable

Gorilla Wood Glue is sandable and stainable, which can help you match the surround wood and give your projects a better look.

That said, don’t expect wood glue to look as good as a wood filler, but it can be done. Not sure of the difference? Check out my wood glue vs wood filler comparison for more info!

Easy to Wipe Away Excess Glue

Because Gorilla wood glue is a PVA glue, it can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth if you need to remove excess glue from your project. Other types of glues like epoxy glues can be very difficult to remove once applied.

Anti Clog Cap

The bottle for Gorilla wood glue features and anti-clog cap that’s great for extending the life of your glue. It’s typical for wood glue to last for a few years, but this can help to extend the life even further in some cases.


Not Suitable for Outdoor Applications

While this glue is more water resistant than others, it’s not suitable for exterior projects like Gorilla Ultimate Wood Glue or Titebond III.

While this glue is great for interior projects, if you’re looking for a wood glue that can withstand the elements, I wouldn’t go with Gorilla wood glue.

Clamps Required

Clamping Wood Glue

As with most wood glues, clamping your wood together can help to create the strongest bond – and it’s no different with Gorilla Wood Glue.

While the recommended clamp time is nothing insane, it’s still annoying to have to get your clamps out to complete projects.

I recommend you clamp your wood together for at least 20 minutes for a strong bond.

Not Great for Surfaces Other Than Wood

If you’re working on a project that requires you to bond different materials together other than wood, this glue isn’t the best for you. For example, the standard Gorilla Glue does a much better job at bonding different surfaces together.

Here are some surfaces that Gorilla Wood Glue isn’t best for:

  • Plastics
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Acrylic

Gorilla Wood Glue vs Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate

Gorilla debuted its Ultimate Wood Glue as a key competitor to Titebond’s flagship product – Titebond III. This glue provides superior weather resistance, extended working time, and amazing durability compared to the regular wood glue manufactured by Gorilla.

Additionally, the Ultimate version provides a quick dry and cure time with

Ultimately, if you’re working on interior wood projects – I’d recommend the standard wood glue.

However, if you’re working on exterior projects or projects that deal with high humidity, I’d opt for Gorilla Ultimate Wood Glue.

How to Use Gorilla Wood Glue

Using wood glues is a relatively simple process. Here’s how:

  1. Start by prepping the surface for glue. You’ll want to remove any grime or debris on your wood.
  2. Apply the glue on both surfaces evenly. It’s important to apply an even coating across the entire surface to ensure the strongest bond possible.
  3. Clamp the wood pieces together. Once you’ve assembled your wood pieces together, you’ll want to clamp them together for at least 20 minutes.
  4. Wipe away excess glue. After clamping, you can remove any excess glue that has seeped out with a rag and warm water.
  5. Let it dry! That’s it. Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours before applying any pressure to your project.
  6. Close the cap! It’s critical to close the cap of your glue once finished to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

What Color Does Gorilla Wood Glue Dry?

Gorilla Wood Glue dries a slightly darker, off-white color shown below. Depending on the wood surface you’re gluing, it could match the natural color.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Gorilla Wood Glue is one of the best wood glues for many projects. It’s strong, affordable, and dries quickly – making it a great choice when compared to other wood glues.

While there are a few instances in which this glue isn’t suitable (namely for outdoor use or using it in extreme temperatures), it’s a great wood glue for all of your woodworking projects.

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