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Dying to get started with DIY, but feeling totally freaked out about powering up a saw??

I know that getting started with power tools can feel scary — but it doesn’t have to!

Ease into DIY by learning to use the simplest, safest and most versatile saw for beginners

I totally know the feeling...

You’ve been saving ideas for DIY projects for an ETERNITY, but you just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. 

The problem isn’t that you’re not inspired or that you’re not creative or that you’ve lost interest in your DIY dreams.

The real problem is that the thought of picking up your power tools and actually starting to build leaves you with sweaty palms and a racing heart — especially when you think of those giant spinning saw blades.

And I’ve totally been there!!

That’s why I was relieved when I discovered a super easy and versatile saw that I could hold in the palm of my hand. Something small and easy to control that still allowed me to create so many projects!

That amazing little tool gave me the foundation and confidence to move onto larger power tools, bigger projects and eventually end up here — teaching DIY dreamers how to confidently turn those projects in their heads into reality.

And what was that special little confidence-boosting tool? 

The jig saw!

Using the jig saw was the perfect baby step into using power tools for a scaredy cat like me and I’m so excited to share my love of this powerful little tool with you through my in-depth video course – Jig Saw Master Mini Course

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start small. start smart.
start with a jig saw

“I made my first wood project ever with your design and I think I'm hooked now! Thank you! Your plans made it so simple. Can’t wait to build something else.”
- Jill
Woodworking Plan Customer

What's so special about the jigsaw?

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orange jig saw with piece wood cut at a curved angle

It’s no secret that I LOVE using my jig saw. And I often advise people who are nervous about getting started with power tools to ease into using saws by with the jig saw. 

Here are some reasons it’s such a perfect beginner saw:

  • It’s small and handheld – this will help you feel so much more in control!

  • It has a reciprocating blade (up and down motion) rather than a spinning blade – this just feels less scary

  • To use a jig saw you guide the saw through the wood instead of guiding the wood through the saw. This gives you more control over where your hands are in relation to the blade.

  • The power switch is in your hand at all times! This means you can stop and start the blade at a moment’s notice.

  • Jig saws are so inexpensive – especially compared to other types of saws! The first jig saw I used cost around $20 and I created SO MANY projects with little power house. 

  • Jig saws are super versatile! They can cut around angles, fit into tight spaces, cut curves and even cut accurate straight lines with the right set up. (we go over all of these techniques in the course)

  • There’s relatively little set up. You can start and stop working quickly which means less time organizing a work space and more time actually creating.

  • And lastly, they’re just so much fun! Seriously once you get started you’ll be on fire dreaming up more and more projects to use your jig saw. It is a perfect confidence-building introduction to saws and will give you the momentum you need to start taking some massive action on the DIY dreams!
If you’ve ever wanted to start beginner woodworking, but you’re not sure where to start, this is absolutely the best place to start! I’ve done plenty of woodworking, but I still bought this [woodworking plan bundle] and have found it so helpful. Not just for beginners!”
- Katie
Woodworking Plan Customer

What's Inside


Here’s your complete introduction to the jig saw! Inside this section of the course we’ll cover the parts of your jig saw, what projects your jig saw is best used for and we’ll get in depth about different types of blades and when to use them.

  • [VIDEO] When to Use a Jig Saw
  • [VIDEO] Parts of a Jig Saw
  • [VIDEO] Jig Saw Blades
  • [PRINTABLE] Jig Saw Quick Guide

$24 value

JIG SAW success

Now that you have an understanding of how the jig saw works, let’s put it to use! In the second section of the course we go over everything you need to know to use your saw including safety gear, the best workspace set up and how to get accurate cuts.

  • [VIDEO] Safety Gear
  • [VIDEO] Setting up your work space
  • [VIDEO] Making cuts with your jig saw
  • [VIDEO] Positioning the blade for accurate cuts

$32 value


Time to test out some techniques and learn just how versatile this saw is! This is where you will seriously fall in love with the jig saw. In this section we cover a variety of types of cuts that will allow you to create any project you dream up.

  • [VIDEO] Making exterior cuts
  • [VIDEO] Making interior cuts
  • [VIDEO] Using a guide to make straight cuts
  • [VIDEO] Cutting around curves and using relief cuts

$32 value

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On to the fun part! Here is where we do a quick project together, you learn how to create your own printable project templates in any size and we even chat about how to choose the best lumber for your specific project.

  • [VIDEO] Choosing the right lumber
  • [VIDEOS + INSTRUCTION] How to create project templates
  • [VIDEO + PRINTABLE] Mini serving tray tutorial
  • More project ideas

$24 value

This was the first time I have ever used a miter saw, drill and kreg jig. My husband helped me out with some guidance. We were so happy with the bench that we have adapted your plans a little to make end tables to match! Thank you so much for sharing your plans and inspiring me to finally give woodworking a try!”
- Erin
Woodworking Plan Customer

It's time to take some action on those DIY dreams!

My friend I spent years – literally YEARS – scrolling Pinterest, saving projects, doing hours upon hours of research because I was just so nervous to actually pick up my power tools and start building. I wasted so much time worrying that I wasn’t strong enough, smart enough or just plain good enough to actually build the projects of my dreams. 

And once I finally decided I’d had enough waiting and finally, finally built my first project I learned that I had been totally wrong. Those nerves were for nothing.

You don’t need to have years of experience to build beautiful things. 

You don’t need to know a bunch of fancy woodworking jargon to actually use your power tools. 

And you definitely don’t need to waste years worrying that you’re not good enough before you start building.

DIY doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or something that you wait years to finally try.

You’re ready to get started as soon as you decide – and that can totally be right now.


What if I've never used power tools before?

My friend this is perfect for you! This course has been specifically designed as a way for first time DIYers (who might be a little nervous) to ease into using power tools. Inside the course you’ll find friendly guidance to help you discover just how capable you are of building the projects of your dreams!

Will I need any other tools for the course?

This course focuses specifically on the jig saw so that’s the main tool you will need. For one of the techniques we also use a drill. It’s totally up to you if you decide to use that technique, but having access to a drill will definitely be helpful in expanding your jig saw skills.

How do I access Jig Saw Master Mini Course after purchase?

All of the printable materials and videos for Jig Saw Master Mini Course are stored in an online platform that you will get access to after purchase. After purchase you’ll be directed to set up a username and password to log into the platform and you’ll use this login information to access the materials at any time.

Are there live class times?

Nope – the entire course is pre-recorded and you’ll get instant access to everything as soon as you sign up. Once you have access to the course you can go through everything at your own pace and revisit sections as often as you want.

What if I don't like the course?

Jig Saw Master Mini Course is jam-packed with material that will absolutely help you to become a confident DIYer! If for any reason at all you’re not satisfied with the content in the course, just send me an email at emilee@mamaneedsaproject.com and I’ll work with you to make it right!