2019 Home goals

My 2019 Home Project Goals

Can you believe it’s already 2019? I’m so excited for this upcoming year!

We’ve made a lot of updates in our home since moving in 4 years ago, but my to do list is constantly growing! Here are some of the big and small things I hope to complete in our home in 2019.

2019 Home Project Goals

Build and install a drawer in a kitchen cabinet for the trash can

Yes, I know you can buy these kits. But have you seen the prices?! I just can’t bring myself to pay $50 for something I could surely DIY for like $20. So, I’m planning to figure out how to build it.

Done! Check out what I learned.

Finally finish ALL the interior painting

We’ve been in this home for 5 years and still haven’t completed painting. That tells you how much I despise painting. But, this year I am committing to finish it up and get it over with. We still have the master bedroom, 2 spare bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, stairwell and guest bathroom.

Didn’t quite get all of the interior painting completed, but I did make a lot of progress. You can check out some of my painting progress here.

Landscaping in the front yard

I have planted flowers and bushes in our front garden for 3 years in a row, only to have them fried by the afternoon sun or drowned by the heavy rain and poor drainage. My goal this spring is to find a solution to the drainage issues and find a some perennials that are hardy enough to survive.

Check out the big reveal!!

Landscaping in the backyard

Fall 2018 I planted a small crepe myrtle tree and a crepe myrtle bush in the back yard with some area around them for flowers. I’m looking forward to purchasing more perennials this spring to fill the area in.

See an update here

Repaint the coffee station

I purchased a cute dresser in summer 2018 to put in our kitchen for the coffee maker and to add some extra storage. It looks great, but the color is too close to our wall color and it needs to be repainted.

Woohoo! Finished! get a peek here

Better toy storage in the living room

We don’t have a playroom for my son and he’s still a little young to play in his room by himself, so most of the toys stay in our living room. They’re a mess and I need to find a better way to contain them.

Done! See it here

Toy storage for garage and outdoor toys

Kids have so much stuff! I need a storage solution for all the bikes, balls, trucks, water table, etc.

Here’s my outdoor toy storage shelf

Organize all bedroom closets

The bedroom closets have become crowed with storage items, making it hard to use them for clothes. They’re a mess.

Check out my baby clothes storage

Organize kitchen cabinets and pantry

Yep. These are a mess, too. I need a better organization system so I stop buying things at the grocery store that I already have in my cabinets.

I did go through all of my cupboards, freezer and pantry and get rid of a lot items this year! But, I still have a ways to go before things are as organized as I would like. More of that coming in 2020.

Find decor for large wall in kitchen

I’ve decorated and re-decorated this wall about 6 times. I just can’t make up my mind! I’m hoping this year to find a large piece that I love and can commit to for more than 6 months.

I built this Big X Wood Quilt for my kitchen wall.

Find decor for large wall in living room

Another big wall that I’ve been too indecisive to decorate, but 2019 is the year that I finally make a choice and stick with it. Hopefully.

It’s the end of 2019 and this wall is still empty so I’ll just move this one on to 2020.

Organize sewing area

I have a corner in my bedroom with a desk for sewing, but it’s usually overflowing with fabric. I need to find a better way to store fabric and all of my other craft supplies.

I didn’t manage to get this project done in 2019, but I did work through a lot of my fabric by making these Burlap Rag Wreaths.

Whew! So there’s my home project goals for 2019, for now. As you can see, it’s mostly focused on storage and organization. I’m sure the list will grow and change as the year goes on. I plan to update the list as I complete each project.

I want to hear from you!

What home projects do you have planned for 2019? Leave a comment below.