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Stop just drooling over DIY projects and start actually building them

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Think you need fancy complicated tools to start knocking out those DIY projects you’ve been dreaming of?

Well, I have good news: you only need 3 and they’re super easy to use

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But I’ve never even picked up a power tool before…

don’t worry friend I’ve got you

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With the Power Up Quick Guides you will…

  • know exactly which 3 tools you need to do most DIY projects – say buh bye to those overwhelming lists of 1000 tools people swear you need (ya don’t)
  • totally impress your friends with your knowledge of the ins and outs of the only 3 power tools you need – they’ll be asking you for advice
  • look at your Pinterest board full of DIY projects and think yep I can totally do that – and then you’ll actually do it!

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