two colorful scrap fabric pumpkins on a wood bench

Quick Scrap Fabric Pumpkins (with video)

Add some color to your fall decor with Scrap Fabric Pumpkins! Perfect for indoor or outdoor decor.

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I just wrapped up all the big projects in my Budget Front Porch Makeover, but I’ve been looking for some more colorful fall decor to add in. I had a little ‘aha’ moment at the Dollar Store when I saw some little foam pumpkins – I could totally work with these! So I scooped some up, grabbed some Mod Podge and foam brushes and headed on my way.

colorful fall front porch decor

This no-sew fabric project is super simple and a great way to use up some scrap fabric. I chose to use some bright polka dot fabric to match the bright fabric on the rag wreath on my front door and the scrap fabric garland I have hanging on my front porch. These scrap fabric pumpkins fit right in!

I have included my VERY FIRST YouTube video in this tutorial! I think it makes this project even easier! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to get updated about new craft and DIY videos when I post them.

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Make Your Scrap Fabric Pumpkins

First, cut your scrap fabric into strips 1/2 inch – 1 inch thick and 8 inches long. This was the perfect length for wrapping my foam pumpkin, but if yours is a bit larger or smaller than mine you will need to adjust the length.

scrap fabric pumpkin supplies - foam brush, mod podge, foam pumpkin, scrap fabric strips

Remove the stem from your foam pumpkin. The stem of my pumpkin was attached with a toothpick and very easy to remove. Don’t worry if when you remove the stem, some of the foam from the pumpkin comes off. This will all be covered up. If your stem has a toothpick be sure to remove that too.

apply mod podge to foam pumpkin

Apply Mod Podge to a small section of the pumpkin using a foam brush. I found it easiest to put some Mod Podge into a small bowl, rather than trying to use it directly from the container. Place a strip of fabric on the Mod Podge so that it the ends of the fabric are at the top and bottom of the pumpkin. Smooth the fabric down.

add fabric to mod podge on foam pumpkin

Continue to add Mod Podge and fabric to your pumpkin until it is completely covered. Once the pumpkin is completely covered in fabric, apply a top layer of Mod Podge.

add more fabric strips to mod podge on foam pumpkin

Let your scrap fabric pumpkins dry for 1-2 hours.

use hot glue gun to add stem to scrap fabric pumpkin

After the Mod Podge has dried on your scrap fabric pumpkins, you can reattach the stem. Use a couple dots of hot glue and put the stem on the center of the pumpkin. Apply some pressure while the glue dries.

completed scrap fabric pumpkins

Scrap Fabric Pumpkins Variations

Gold Stem

My original plan for these colorful pumpkins was to spray paint the stems a shiny gold while the Mod Podge dried on the pumpkins. But, once I got into my garage I realized that I was fresh out of gold spray paint. I think these would look really cute with a gold (or other color) stem!

Glitter Top Coat

On the first fabric pumpkin I made I used Mod Podge Extreme Glitter as the topcoat. The glitter with the colorful, polka dot fabric was a little too much for me, but I think it would look great on a solid color scrap fabric pumpkin. It would especially pop on a black one.

scrap fabric pumpkin with glitter top coat

Toddler Version

My kiddo also made a scrap fabric pumpkin and he is so proud of it! He picked out some Halloween fabric from my fabric stash to use. I cut it into big squares and he decorated his pumpkin with very little help from me. He chose the glitter topcoat once he was finished decorating. This would be a great craft for a kid’s party! My son is 2.5 years old and loved it.

toddler scrap fabric pumpkin

Quick Scrap Fabric Pumpkins

This quick fall craft is easy and cheap to make and I love the additional color it adds to my front porch! It’s the perfect way to use up some scrap fabric and add to your fall decor.

You can also try these pumpkin carving cutouts to make carving your pumpkin a breeze!

scrap fabric pumpkins

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