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30 Stocking Stuffers for DIYers under $10 | Amazon Gifts for DIYers

This curated list of stocking stuffers for DIYers will take the guess work out your Christmas shopping.

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$10 or less 30 stocking stuffers for DIYers; picture of hands with a gift and red background

I am a total DIY junkie! I have always loved a good DIY project. I love the challenge of learning something new, doing on-the-spot problem solving when projects go wrong and riding that high when I finally finish a big project that felt so out of reach at the beginning.

This love for DIY is what spurred the start of Mama Needs a Project. I’ve shared countless craft projects, woodworking plans and home DIY projects on this amazing platform in an effort to inspire more people to take on the challenge of working with their hands.

As an avid DIYer I’m aware that we can be a little hard to shop for. So, I’m helping you out friends! This is my curated list of stocking stuffers for DIYers. These are ALL items that I would love to get in my stocking (hint, hint, Santa).

I promise I haven’t included anything silly or trivial – these are all items that I really do use. (Well, there’s one silly item, but you’ll know it when you see it… and I would totally use it.)

So, DIY friends, maybe shamelessly send this list to Santa? Or be your own Santa? Trust me, you’ll thank me.

30 stocking stuffers that DIYers will totally thank you for

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Stocking Stuffers for DIYers

A couple notes about this list:

EVERYTHING can be found on Amazon!

I know that you do most of your Christmas shopping online – me too! So every single item on this list can be found on Amazon. Just click the title of each item to be taken right to it!

(almost) EVERYTHING is under $10

At the time I compiled this list, almost everything was priced at $10 or less. There are a couple items selling for $15 and one higher priced item at the end, but I did my best to keep it budget friendly. I don’t believe in overspending for Christmas and I don’t want you to think you have spend a lot to make your DIYer happy. They will love these inexpensive gifts and I’m sure they will love that you took the time to research things they will really enjoy even more.

Stocking Stuffers for DIYers

Glu-Bot Glue Bottle – I love this glue bottle and mention it on the blog often. I purchased it about a year ago and will never go back to using a regular bottle. Because of the design of the Glu-Bot, it never clogs! And you never accidentally glue the lid shut because you forgot to clean off the nozzle… speaking from experience. It’s a simple little thing that saves me lots of time when I’m woodworking.

Spray Paint Handle – This little handle has saved me from so many hand cramps. It clips right on top of a can of spray paint and lets you spray by squeezing the handle instead of pushing down the little button on top of a can. It makes spray painting super easy.

Tiny Tape Measure – Having a little tape measure on hand comes in so handy, especially when furniture shopping or lumber shopping. I keep one just like this in my purse.

Regular Size Tape Measure – The little tape measure is for measuring on the go and this big guy is for the real work. Your DIYer probably already has a tape measure, but they won’t be disappointed to get another one. A tape measure just one of those items that its always good to have a back up (or two).

Measuring Tape – This flexible measuring tape is great for measuring around curves and angles. I mostly use my measuring tape for sewing projects, but I’ve been known to bust it out in the garage, too.

Hot Glue Gun – Glue gunning is a right of passage for every DIYer, and let me tell you, we can burn through these hot glue guns quick! Your DIY friend will totally appreciate seeing a glue gun in their Christmas stocking. Make it extra sweet by adding in some extra hot glue sticks, too.

Phillips Drill Bits – I can’t tell you how many of these have mysteriously gone missing in my garage. I always need more! Your DIYer will definitely appreciate an extra stash of drill bits.

Carpenter’s Pencils – Another item that is constantly disappearing in my garage. These flat carpenter’s pencils are perfect for woodworking because they can’t roll away. (But apparently they can still disappear.)

Silicone Glue Brush – I use glue on nearly every one of my woodworking projects and my standard method of spreading glue is to use my fingers. Save your DIYer’s fingers and get them a glue brush. This brush is made of silicone so the glue flakes right off after it has dried.

Countersink Drill Bit Set – Countersunk screws look so much better on a completed woodworking project. In order to countersink your screws you’ll need a special set of drill bits like this one to pre-drill your holes. Your woodworking DIY friend will be so impressed that Santa knew to pick these up.

30 ideas for under $10, stocking stuffers for DIYers

18″ Clamp – I don’t know how big your stockings are, but this one is worth stuffing in there. Any woodworker will tell you that you can never have enough clamps. In fact, I find that for most projects the number of clamps I need is exactly one more than I have.

Spokeshave – If your DIYer is interested in hand tools for woodworking, this little tool is a great place to start. It’s an entry-level wood shaving tool to get them started.

Wood Chisel – Speaking of hand tools, chisels have a place in every woodworking shop. I use mine for removing dried glue and shaping wood to get the perfect fit.

Precision Knife – This handy little guy is useful for all types of DIY projects, not just woodworking.

Sandpaper – Exciting? no. Useful? yup! I can always use more sandpaper for both hand sanding and my electric sander. Sandpaper comes in a variety of grits – the higher the number, the smoother the finish.

Pliers – Pliers are another item that I can just never find when I need them, especially the long skinny ones like these. I always seem to need them, but can never locate them. Your DIYer wouldn’t mind finding an extra set in their stocking.

E6000 Glue – This stuff is heavy duty and always useful to have on hand.

Scissors – These regular scissors are so useful to have on hand. I keep a pair in the garage, a pair in the kitchen and one at my desk. Whatever kind of DIY your DIYer is into, they need scissors.

Goo Gone – We need the super glue to stick things together and the Goo Gone to clean it up. Us DIYers are messy and we know it. Help us out by sneaking in some Goo Gone into our stockings so we can clean up all those “oopsies”.

Woodworking squares – Everyone needs a woodworking square making it a great stocking stuffer!

WD-40 – This little can comes in so stinkin’ useful. Tools jammed up? Add WD-40. Can’t get that giant lawn chair to fold up? Quick spray some WD-40. Wasp trying to attack you? Squirt it with some WD-40. It’s the little spray bottle solution to everything.

30 stocking stuffers for DIYers

Hand Salve – As someone who works with her hands, I really appreciate this stocking stuffer! My hands get dry and cracked, especially in winter and some good hand salve really helps them to heal. They almost look like pretty girl hands again.

Carbon Transfer Tracing Paper – Carbon transfer paper is used for transferring designs onto a new surface. Imagine printing out a super cool design or sketching one up. You can use carbon paper to transfer that design onto wood for woodburning or even cutting it out with a jigsaw or scroll saw. If your DIYers is into smaller projects or more artistic projects they will totally appreciate this gift.

Paint Brushes – Paint brushes are always welcome in my stocking. This set has a variety of sizes and shapes that will be great for a variety of projects.

Stain Rags – Maybe a little big for a stocking, but t-shirt material like these rags is the BEST for staining woodworking projects. These rags will definitely come in useful for your woodworking DIYer.

Unicorn Bandage – Splinters, scratches and boo boos happen when you DIY. Your DIYer needs some happy like bandages like these to make them smile after they finish cursing themselves for getting a splinter… again.

Graph Paper Notepad – I keep graph paper in my garage for woodworking projects and at my desk for sewing projects. It’s great for sketching out new ideas and planning new projects.

Wood Burning Pen – Think your DIYer would like to try something new? This wood burning pen is perfect for someone ready to dip their toes into pyrography. I used one very similar in my DIY Boho Full Length Mirror.

Painting Pyramids – These little guys are made to prop up a project for painting or staining. They are super handy and especially make paint and staining the edges of a project way easier.

Pocket Hole Screws – Does your DIYer use a Kreg Jig or another pocket hole jig? If the answer is yes, then they would totally appreciate a refill of their pocket hole screw stash. I am ALWAYS running out of pocket hole screws and would love to have Santa sneak some in my stocking. The sizes I use most often are 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″.

Audible Membership – Okay, this one is more than $10, but it is such a great gift for a DIYer that I didn’t want to leave it out. I LOVE listening to audiobooks while I’m painting or staining or doing any other repetitive DIY work. I’ve found many good books on Audible that make those repetitive tasks go so much faster. This is a gift that will totally take your DIYer by surprise – in a good way!

$10 or less 30 stocking stuffers for DIYers; picture of hands with a gift and red background

Stocking Stuffers for DIYers

So, do you have some stocker stuffer ideas now?

These stocking stuffers for DIYers are things your special person will love!

But, most of all, your DIYer will love that you took the time to figure out what kind of things they would really like to receive. Us DIYers are hard to shop for and we don’t always know what to ask for. Your DIYer will be totally surprised that you knew exactly what they needed, especially when they didn’t even know exactly what they needed.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember, you don’t need to spend a lot to make your family and friends feel special. Thoughtful gifts mean so much more than expensive ones.

Happy shopping friends!