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So the truth is...

Downloading the free Big DIY Bundle is NOT going to make your DIY dreams come true. 

The only thing that’s really going to get your DIY journey started is you taking action.

And I want to help you take that action so that you can feel the incredible pride that comes from building things with your own hands!

So let’s move beyond dreaming and thinking and over-planning and step into actually building. 

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“I made my first wood project ever with your design and I think I'm hooked now! Thank you! Your plans made it so simple. Can’t wait to build something else.”
- Jill
Woodworking Plan Customer

What's Inside

6 Outdoor Building Projects

High quality printable building plans that are written specifically for beginners. Each building plan includes detailed written instructions and images to help you create amazing outdoor projects - even if you've never built anything before!

$44 value

2 Garden Art Projects

Colorful outdoor projects that combine a love for gardening, upcycling and power tools. Each of these tutorials is written in an easy to follow format that will take you step-by-step through the creation process.

$12 value

videos included in handbuilt garden

4 Instructional Videos

Beginner focused videos walk you through the basics of creating outdoor projects. We cover the type of lumber you should use, how to prepare your projects for all kinds of weather, safety and how to get accurate angle cuts on your projects.

$24 value

1 Outdoor Project Resource Guide

Learn better in paper format instead of video? I've got you covered. This detailed guide walks you through some of the same information in our video tutorials so that you know exactly how to prepare your outdoor projects to withstand any weather.

$8 value

This was the first time I have ever used a miter saw, drill and kreg jig. My husband helped me out with some guidance. We were so happy with the bench that we have adapted your plans a little to make end tables to match! Thank you so much for sharing your plans and inspiring me to finally give woodworking a try!”
- Erin
Woodworking Plan Customer

Included Projects

free woodworking plans
honeycomb garden trellis on fence with red flowers blooming in front
DIY pineapple planter woodworking tutorial
completed diy outdoor plant shelf with other diy outdoor furniture
fence mounted flower box & window unique garden design

Each project plan includes...

Each project plan includes...

If you’ve ever wanted to start beginner woodworking, but you’re not sure where to start, this is absolutely the best place to start! I’ve done plenty of woodworking, but I still bought this [woodworking plan bundle] and have found it so helpful. Not just for beginners!”
- Katie
Woodworking Plan Customer

It's time to take some action on those DIY dreams!

My friend I spent years – literally YEARS – scrolling Pinterest, saving projects, doing hours upon hours of research because I was just so nervous to actually pick up my power tools and start building. I wasted so much time worrying that I wasn’t strong enough, smart enough or just plain good enough to actually build the projects of my dreams. 

And once I finally decided I’d had enough waiting and finally, finally built my first project I learned that I had been totally wrong. Those nerves were for nothing.

You don’t need to have years of experience to build beautiful things. 

You don’t need to know a bunch of fancy woodworking jargon to actually use your power tools. 

And you definitely don’t need to waste years worrying that you’re not good enough before you start building.

DIY doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or something that you wait years to finally try.

You’re ready to get started as soon as you decide – and that can totally be right now.


What if I've never built anything before? Can I still do these projects?

Yes! All of my woodworking plans and DIY tutorials are created with first-time builders in mind. Many DIYers have built their very first woodworking project using one of the plans included in this bundle.

What tools will I need for the projects?

Each project plan includes a tool list with the specific tools needed to complete that project. If you don’t own a particular tool, get creative! For example, you can use a handsaw with a miter box in place of a miter saw or finish nails and a hammer in place of a brad nailer.

Here’s a list of tools used in the projects: drill, miter saw, brad nailer, pocket hole jig, jig saw, table saw (optional)
(Keep in mind not all of these tools are used in every project)

How do I access Handbuilt Garden after purchase?

All of the printable materials and videos for Handbuilt Garden are stored in an online platform that you will get access to after purchase. After purchase you’ll be directed to set up a username and password to log into the platform and you’ll use this login information to access the materials at any time.

I already own one of the plans in the bundle. Can I get a discount?

Nope – sorry! This bundle of projects and tutorials is already deeply discounted so no additional discounts will be given. Even if you already own multiple plans included in Handbuilt Garden, it’s still an amazing deal at this price! At $14.99 it’s priced at less than just 2 premium building plans from my shop – and this bundle includes so much more!

Can I get Handbuilt Garden for this price after the timer has run out?

Probably not. This is such a big discount that I don’t have any plans of offering it beyond this one-time offer for new email subscribers (that’s you!). If you want to get all of the woodworking plans, DIY tutorials, video tutorials and the outdoor project guide included in Handbuilt Garden this is the best time to do it!

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are considered on a case by case basis.

Handbuilt Garden is packed with projects and resources worth so much more than the price you’re scoring it for! In fact if you bought everything individually in my shop it would cost $88! Because of the insane value and the fact that everything can be instantly downloaded I do not normally offer refunds. But if you purchase by mistake or are just not satisfied with the product, send me an email at and I’ll do my very best to make it right for you.