DIY bed woodworking projects to build for kids

20+ Fun Woodworking Projects for Kids (For Beginners!)

Building woodworking projects for kids is something I find myself doing again and again.

And while I love building things for myself, my son is most often the one who benefits from my woodworking hobby. Because building stuff for kids is just so much more fun! (It’s that excited little face that gets me every time.)

If you’re looking for a few fun projects to put together for your kids, I have you covered! I’ve compiled my favorite woodworking projects for kids in this post and I’m sure you’ll find something that both you and your kiddo love.

All of these projects are simple and very beginner-friendly. Most of the woodworking projects listed below also have woodworking plans that you can find in my woodworking plans shop.

I hope you enjoy these and I can’t wait to see what you make!

beginner woodworking projects to build for kids, picture of child opening a DIY bug house woodworking project

If you’re looking for more woodworking tutorials, you can find my entire collection in the woodworking projects section.

And, if you need a little guidance getting started with your woodworking hobby, be sure to browse through the woodworking education section for tips and advice to help you get started.

Best Woodworking Project for Kids

1. Backyard Toy Storage Shelf

outdoor toy storage shelf, open toy shelving for toddlers with outdoor toys

This Backyard Toy Shelf has been a lifesaver when it comes to keeping all of the outdoor toys organized. I needed an open shelf to store balls and trucks that my toddler could easily access himself, but that wouldn’t allow the balls and trucks to roll away. This DIY toy shelf fits the bill!

There is a lip all the way around each shelf so that even in strong winds the toys stay right where they need to be. It’s the perfect height for my son to get out the toys that he wants and then put everything away at the end of the day.

You can find a full tutorial and printable woodworking plans in the link to the blog post below and you might even consider selling them on Facebook Marketplace to make money!

Backyard Toy Storage Shelf

2. Scrap Wood Garden Signs

Child holding DIY wood garden signs in a garden

These scrap wood garden signs are super simple and it’s an easy way to get your kid involved in a quick project.

The shapes are cut out of scrap plywood using a jigsaw and the stakes are made from scrap 1x2s. After the shapes were cut, I let my son paint them to his heart’s content. Then it was a quick job to glue and nail the shapes to the stakes.

This project was a fun afternoon activity and my son is so proud to see his artwork on display in the garden.

Scrap Wood Garden Signs

3. Bug Bungalow

diy bug house scrap wood project child holding bug house

I had no idea that we needed a bug house until I made one for my son. Look at how cute it is!

This little bug house is so cute and my son loves playing with it! He’s even warming up to the idea of actually picking up bugs and putting them inside.

The bug house, or Bug Bungalow as we’ve named it, is built from scrap pine. There’s grooves for a removable plastic “window” in the front and a hinge on the top to easily open up the roof and peek inside. The decorations are made from popsicle sticks and lots of hot glue.

If your bug-loving kiddo needs a place to watch their little crawly friends, this project is the perfect thing! You can find woodworking plans and a complete tutorial (plus lots of pictures) in the post linked below.

Charlie’s Bug Bungalow | DIY Bug House for Kids

4. Toddler Rainbow Garden

rainbow toddler garden featured image

Are you looking for a way to get your toddler involved in the garden without letting them destroy all of your precious plants? Because that’s what prompted me to build this Rainbow Garden for my toddler.

I love spending time working in my gardens and I love having my kiddo there to help me. But his gardening style can be a bit… aggressive. So in order to save my pretty flowers I built my son his own little garden where he can dig and smash and overwater to his heart’s content.

This woodworking project for kids just might be my favorite. The cloud and rainbow design is so sweet and I just love seeing my son play in there. It’s been well over a year since I built this raised flower bed for him and he still plays in it regularly. And with his own plants and garden to care for he’s moved on from “helping” in mine.

Toddler Rainbow Garden Tutorial

text: woodworking projects for kids over image collage of woodworking projects built for children

5. DIY Twin Bed Frame with Geometric Wood Art

diy twin bed frame with geometric design on headboard and footboard assembed in a driveway

Ahh this Geometric Bed Frame! Isn’t it so amazing?!

I was gifted a used bed frame from a neighbor earlier this year just as I was getting ready to upgrade my son from his toddler bed. The bed frame had been well loved and needed a few cosmetic repairs.

“No problem,” I thought. I’ll just repaint it and call it a day. Well one thing led to another and a quick project turned into a long one. And, in the end I had this absolutely beautiful new bed frame for my son.

I think it’s such a perfect style that will transition with him as he gets older.

DIY Twin Bed Frame with Geometric Wood Art

6. DIY Toy Storage Shelf

modern cubby shelf toy storage diy woodworking tutorial

This Modern Cubby Shelf is an easy woodworking project to build for kids and the perfect way to hide away toys and store books.

This simple shelf (with cool wire legs) hides the toys we keep in our living room so that at the end of the day my son can clean everything up and I can feel like I live in a grown up house. Ahhh remember what that was like?

It’s a great beginner build and full plans can be found on Ana White’s website. Just search cubby shelf. You can get the scoop on my modifications in the blog post linked below.

DIY Modern Cubby Shelf

woodworking projects to build for kids text over an image of a DIY twin bed build for children

7. DIY Nerf Gun Target Stands

boy smiling with nerf gun and diy nerf gun targets

Who doesn’t love a little target practice? These scrap wood target stands are a quick afternoon project that will provide your kiddo with HOURS of rainy day entertainment.

My son has recently become obsessed with Nerf guns. (Is this a stage all kids go through?) And instead of telling him one more time to stop shooting at people, the TV, in the kitchen, etc., we put together some quick target stands so he would always have a place to aim at that wouldn’t get him in trouble.

The stands come together quickly with a few pieces of scrap wood and some hooks. You can grab free printable woodworking plans and targets in the blog post.

DIY Nerf Gun Target Stands | Simple Scrap Wood Project

8. Roadblock Cupcake Stand

diy construction theme birthday party food table

For my son’s third birthday he chose a construction theme and I just couldn’t resist DIYing a few of the decorations. This Roadblock Cupcake Stand was one of those DIYs.

This easy build was a fun addition to the party and my son absolutely loved it! After the party we kept the stand for a little while, using it as a small bookshelf and then a parking place for a matchbox cars. Eventually we gifted it to another family for another little boy to enjoy.

This project is simple and sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face. Get all the details and the building plans in the blog post.

Roadblock Cupcake Stand | DIY Construction Theme Birthday Party

9. DIY Toy Truck Cupcake Stands

diy truck cupcake stands for construction party

And one last construction party project. These toy truck cupcake stands were a hit with all of the kids at my son’s construction themed birthday party.

To make the truck cupcake stands I used a couple broken toy trucks that I had picked up from the thrift store. I removed the back of the trucks and then added some scrap wood to build a flatbed perfect for carrying party snacks.

This woodworking project for kids was simple, cheap and totally last minute. It was also totally worth it to see how special my son felt at his birthday party with the decor made specially for him and all of his friends there to celebrate with.

DIY Construction Party Cupcake Stand

10. Wooden Crayon & Marker Holder

If your kids love to color, this project is super convenient to keep their area organized. Best of all, it’s super easy and just requires a 4×4 to make.

11. Wooden Step Stool

Check out this amazing wooden step stool that’s perfect for kids by HerToolBelt.

Best of all, the materials and supplies needed are pretty easy to come by and you might already have them in your workshop!

  • 1″ x 8″ x 8′ board
  • 1 1/4″ pocket screws
  • wood glue
  • sand paper

13. DIY Wooden Toolbox

If you’re looking for a beginner project, this wood tool box is perfect for kids.

The supplies you’ll need include:

  • 63″ of 1″x6″
  • 12″ of 1″ Wooden Rod
  • (20) 1 ¼″ Wood Screws
  • Glue
  • Stain or Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Shop Rags

14. DIY Wooden Doll Bed

If you have a daughter, there’s a good chance she has plenty of dolls laying around the home. What if you could give them a place to sleep?

This DIY wooden doll bed is a fun woodworking project that your kiddo will love.

15. DIY Kids Workbench

Want to help your child build their woodworking skills? Build them their own workbench! Check out this amazing workbench by FixThisBuildThat.

Just be sure to determine the correct workbench height for your child so they can easily use it.

Here’s the supplies you’ll need:

  • (2) 8′ 1×4 select pine boards
  • (2) 8′ 2×2 select pine boards
  • (1) 2′ x 4′ 1/4″ Pegboard
  • (2) 8′ 1×1 select pine boards
  • (1) 2′ x 4′ 1/2″ MDF
  • (1) 2′ x 4′ 3/4″ MDF
  • 2″ Pocket Hole Screws
  • 1-1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws
  • 3/4″ Pocket Hole Screws

16. Wood Picture Frame

Want to show off your child’s latest masterpiece? Check out this wood picture frame guide!

17. Wood Growth Ruler

If you have young kids, making a wood growth ruler can be a super fun project. Check out this one by MadetobeaMomma!

18. Wood Tree Swing

This might be the easiest woodworking project, but it’s also one of the more practical ones!

Check out this DIY wood tree swing by TheMerryThought.

19. Wood Tent for Kids

If your kids love being outside, this wood tent is a perfect way to give them some protection from the elements.

Check out the plans from JennaBurger.

20. Wood Birdhouse

Looking for a fun project to build with kids? Check out this wood birdhouse idea by DreamaLittleBigger!

Amazing Wood Projects for Kids

Building for kids is one of my favorite ways to spend time in my woodshop. When it comes to woodworking projects for kids the possibilities are endless. I hope this list has a given a few ideas to add to your to do list.

I’d love to see what you create! Be sure to share your projects with me by tagging @MamaNeedsaProject on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Building!