Hey! I’m Emilee

And I’m the mama behind Mama Needs a Project. Welcome!! 🤗

Over the last 8 years I’ve gone from not knowing how to turn on a drill to building my own furniture and teaching hundreds of women to do the same!

At Mama Needs a Project you’ll find detailed tutorials and advice from DIY adventures (and misadventures).

It’s my goal to not only provide you with the instruction you need to finally get started with DIY, but also the encouragement to keep going when things don’t as planned. (It’s going to happen!)

DIY is so much more than saving a couple bucks on furniture and home repair. It’s a path to confidence, empowerment and pure joy that I think every woman should experience 💕 (more on that below)


My Mission

I truly believe that the world needs more women leaning into their creativity, believing in their abilities and experiencing the joy of creating with their own hands.

As women, we often push our interests to the side in order to take care of everything (and everyone) around us. But, truthfully, in doing this we aren’t doing anyone any favors – not others and not ourselves.

We deserve to feel fulfilled. We deserve to do things that make us happy. And we deserve to do those things without reservation. Our lives are richer, fuller, happier, bigger, better… when we decide to drop our apprehensions and let ourselves explore our interests.

Making time to follow our interests makes us better moms, friends, partners, community members – everything – because when women are happy they spread that joy to everyone and everything around them.

The world is a better place when women are happier and I’m on a mission to spread that happiness by equipping women with the knowledge, confidence and support they need to turn their interest in DIY into a reality.

In 2022, Emilee decided to walk away from the blog but is still pursuing her passion of woodworking and DIY crafts anywhere she goes.

Let’s Connect

For inquires about collaborations and partnerships please send an email to hello@mamaneedsaproject.com