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jig saw master mock up

Jig Saw Master Mini Course

Looking to take a baby step into using power tools? The jig saw is the PERFECT saw for people who feel apprehensive using saws, but really want to get started with DIY. It’s small, handheld, inexpensive and it will open up so many possibilities for projects! Jig Saw Master Mini Course is a 4 module video course designed to give DIY beginners the knowledge and confidence to get started!

Inside the course we cover…

  • the basics of how your jig saw works and how to use it confidently & safely
  • demystifying blade types and how to always choose the best blade for the job
  • techniques for cutting around curves without bending your blades or burning your lumber
  • setting up your workspace to reduce vibrations and hand cramps so you can work longer
  • & more!

Wish you had a building bestie to guide you through your first building project? Someone to share tips and techniques and help you have the very best first building experience? Then Flower Tower Build Along is totally for you!

Inside the course you’ll find…

  • a video tour of the lumber aisle so you can skip the stress of lumber shopping
  • detailed printable woodworking plans that include beginner language and digital renderings of each step of the build
  • video tutorials of each building step so we can build together!
  • bonus introductory videos for the only 3 power tools we use in the project
  • & more!

If you’re feeling totally stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to getting started with DIY – this course is for you! Beginner Power Tool School teaches first time DIYers the basics of 3 beginner power tools and guides you through your first building projects using those tools. You’ll be amazed at how much you can create with just three tools! 

Inside the course you’ll find…

  • 40+ simple, to-the-point videos covering sanders, drills and miter saws
  • Hands-on tool demonstrations designed specifically for beginners
  • Special troubleshooting videos to keep your projects on track
  • Skill Builder Projects with printable woodworking plans & video tutorials
  • Lifetime access to the course + free access to all future course updates
  • & more!