Best Jigsaw for Beginners

I Tested 5 Jigsaws for Beginners: Here are the Best (2024)

If you’re a beginner woodworker or homeowner, you might realize how handy a jigsaw can be.

Whether you need to cut a sheet of plywood, plastic PVC pipe, or even metal – a jigsaw can get the job done.

I’ve put together this list of the absolute best jigsaws for beginners so you can find the right product for your needs. Let’s dig in!

In a hurry? The best beginner jigsaw is the Makita Corded Jigsaw. This saw is powerful, versatile, and extremely easy to use for beginners – all at a fair price.

Quick Answer: Here are the Best Beginner Jigsaws! πŸ‘‡

Best Jigsaws for Beginners

1. Makita Corded Jigsaw – #1 Best Overall

Makita Jigsaw
Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw, with Tool Case
  • 6.5 AMP motor and 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting deliver faster and more accurate cuts in a variety…
  • Variable speed control dial (500-3,100 SPM) enables user to march the speed to the application
  • Through-the-body dust port for use with a vacuum provides efficient dust management

If you’re looking for a great jigsaw that has all of the features you’d want as a beginner, the Makita Corded Jigsaw is the jigsaw for you.

This jigsaw has a variable speed trigger that can adjust the speed between 500 and 3,100 SPM so you can accurately control the speed of your blade for a great cut.

It has all of the power you’ll need thanks to its 6.5 amp motor and the tool free blade change makes it extremely fast to swap blades as needed.

This is a more compact jigsaw that weighs a little over 5 pounds so it’s not overly heavy, but this has the quality feel that you want.

I’m a huge fan of Makita products, and this is one of the best corded jigsaws you can buy for beginners.

What I Liked:

  • Powerful jigsaw with a 6.5 amp motor that can deliver enough power for any job
  • Extremely durable and high quality construction that will last for years
  • Super easy the change the blades which saves you time
  • Comfortable grip that doesn’t cause too much vibration in your hand

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Corded jigsaw means you might need an extension cord and sometimes the cord can get in the way
  • More expensive than other saws, but not by a ton

My Thoughts

Overall, the Makita Corded Jigsaw is the perfect jigsaw for beginners for a few reasons. First, it can deliver the power that you’d need for any job without being overly powerful and difficult to control. Second, this jigsaw is extremely high quality – just like every Makita product, so it’s going to last for years. Lastly, it’s simple design means you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of this saw so you can use it on any project. My only complaints are that this is a corded model, so keep that in mind before starting your project as you’ll need to have an extension cord or outlet close to you and

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2. DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw – Best Cordless Jigsaw for Beginners

DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw
DEWALT 20V MAX Jigsaw with 3Ah Battery & Charger Kit (DCS331B & DCB230C)
  • DCS331B jigsaw features all metal lever action keyless blade
  • 4-position orbital action
  • DCB230C battery kit includes (1) 20V MAX 3-Ah battery and fast charger

If you want a cordless jigsaw, this DeWalt Cordless jigsaw is an amazing choice for beginners who don’t have a ton of experience.

Cordless jigsaws are great for beginners because you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way when you’re cutting and they can be easier to maneuver and control.

Using DeWalt Jigsaw

This jig saw features four orbital cutting positions so you can adjust how the blade moves, which is critical to control how efficiently you can cut as well as keeping the blade protected.

Orbital Settings

This battery powered jigsaw also has a variable speed trigger that can produce up to 3,000 SPM which is fast enough for just about any cut.

The battery life of this saw is pretty great. I’ve used it on and off for days at a time and the battery still holds up with a single charge.

What I Liked:

  • Cordless model means you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way
  • Battery life is solid and you can swap it with other DeWalt 20V Max products
  • Quite powerful
  • Extremely easy to change the blade

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Need to make sure the battery is charged before starting your project
  • More expensive than other jig saws
  • Heavier than most corded models because of the battery

My Thoughts

If you’re a beginner looking for a cordless jigsaw, this DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw is a perfect choice because of its power, ease of use, durability, and battery life. This is an extremely high quality jigsaw that will hold up for years and you can swap out the batteries with other DeWalt products which I love. My only grips with this saw are the price and weight of it. Because it’s battery powered, it’s a decent amount heavier than corded models – which can eventually start to fatigue your shoulders. It’s also more expensive than other jigsaws, but I think it’s well justified because of how quality this saw is. Overall – if you want a battery powered jigsaw – this is a great option that I’d highly recommend.

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3. SKIL Corded Jigsaw – Best Value

SKIL Corded Jigsaw
SKIL 6 Amp Corded Jig Saw- JS314901
  • High cutting efficiency– The 4-stage orbital function allows smooth cutting ability across different…
  • Speed control– The 2-finger trigger provides increased control.
  • Quick adjust angled cutting– adjust the shoe bevel for angled cutting without the need for a tool.

If you’re on a budget, the SKIL Corded Jigsaw is a great option for beginners. This saw provides decent power with some of the same features as more pricey models.

This is a 6 amp jigsaw that has a variable speed control dial so you can adjust how fast you cut.

It has the same four-stage orbital cutting function as other saws so you can adjust how your saw cuts.

One thing that sets this saw apart from others is the LED light. While this is by no means a make it or break it feature, it’s definitely nice to have so you can see exactly where you’re cutting.

LED Light on Jigsaw

What I Liked:

  • Great value when considering the price
  • LED light makes it easier to see where your cutting line
  • Lighter than other jigsaws, so you don’t fatigue as much

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Not nearly as powerful as other jigsaws
  • Cords can get in the way

My Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great jigsaw at an reasonable price, this SKIL Corded Jigsaw is definitely worth considering. While it’s not nearly as powerful as the DeWalt or Makita saws above, it’s powerful enough for most cuts. I did love the LED light this saw features, which makes it easier to cut straight lines. And for the price, it’s pretty good quality. Overall, if you want a budget friendly jigsaw that’s great for beginners – this one’s for you.

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4. BOSCH Corded Jigsaw – Most Powerful

BOSCH Jigsaw
BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw, Blue
  • ERGONOMIC TOP-HANDLE: soft-grip areas supply a solid, comfortable grip
  • CONVENIENT: featuring a tool-less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that eliminates need to touch…
  • 4-IN-1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts for taking on the toughest…

If you’re looking for power, this BOSCH Corded Jigsaw is the way to go. This is the most powerful jigsaw on my list with a 7 amp brushless motor.

This jigsaw features a four orbital setting that allows you to adjust the blade stroke depending on what you’re cutting.

One thing I really loved about this jigsaw was the dust blower. Compared to other jigsaws, this saw offered greater dust control which makes it easier to make straight cuts.

Something that’s worth noting about this jigsaw is the weight. It is much heavier than other saws coming in at a little over 5.5 pounds. While it might not seem like a huge deal, this can actually be both a benefit and a drawback.

BOSCH Jigsaw with Blade

The additional weight makes it slightly easier to control, but it also makes it more difficult to use for long periods of time.

What I Liked:

  • Extremely powerful jigsaw that’s capable of cutting all kinds of wood, plastic, and metals
  • Feels very durable and well constructed that rivals any other professional jigsaw
  • Dust blower can easily be activated and make your cuts more precise
  • Comes with a nice case so you cane easily store it

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Much heavier than other jigsaws which can cause fatigue
  • Much larger can make it more difficult to use on small projects that require extremely precision
  • More expensive than other jigsaws

My Thoughts

If you’re working on dense materials like hardwoods, metals, or thick plastics – this BOSCH Corded Jigsaw is going to be your best bet. This is the most powerful jigsaw on my list which can cut through any material you need. My only complaint is the weight of this saw. It’s noticeably heavier than other saws I tested, so if you’re going to be using it all day, this is something to consider. Other than that – this is an amazing saw that delivers amazing power.

5. Craftsman Corded Jigsaw – Best for Home Projects

Craftsman Jigsaw
CRAFTSMAN Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp with Jigsaw Blades, U-Shank Set, 12-Piece…
  • Variable speed trigger ranging from 03, 200 spm’s provides control for clean and accurate cuts
  • 4Orbital settings to adjust cut aggressiveness for various materials and applications
  • Ideal for wood and metal cutting applications

If you want a compact jigsaw that’s perfect for home projects, the Craftsman Corded Jigsaw is a great option.

This saw provides a great mixture of power, ease of use, and price which is why I’m a fan of it.

It features a variable speed dial that can deliver up to 3,200 of blade speed which is perfect for cutting plywood and other materials around the home.

The 6 amp motor provides enough power for most cuts and you can use this jigsaw comfortably because of the ergonomic grip.

What I Liked:

  • Pretty good value considering the price
  • Versatile jigsaw that can cut through many different materials
  • Easy blade changes

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly heavier than other jigsaws which can cause shoulder pain after a while

My Thoughts

This Craftsman Corded Jigsaw is one of the best jigsaws you can buy for home use. It’s perfect for beginners because of how easy it is to use and make blade changes and it offers pretty good power for the price. This jigsaw produces up to 3,200 SPM and the speed settings are simple to change with the dial. While you won’t get the same power as the BOSCH or Makita jigsaws, it should be more than enough for projects around the home.

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What to Consider When Buying a Jigsaw for Beginners


Power is one of the most important considerations when buying a jigsaw, especially if you plan on using it to cut denser woods or materials.

In general, I’ve found that corded jigsaws typically offer slightly more power than cordless jigsaws – but this isn’t always the case. For example, the DeWalt Battery Powered Jigsaw will provide enough power to cut through just about anything.

When it comes to power, you want a saw that’s capable of cutting through most woods and metals. I found that many less expensive models will begin to overheat quickly when cutting denser materials – which can drastically reduce the longevity of your jigsaw.


Durability is another key factor that should be considered when picking out a new jigsaw.

There’s quite a big difference in terms of durability between brands. For example, a DeWalt or Makita professional jigsaw is going to last much longer than the budget friendly SKIL jigsaw.

While price doesn’t always predict quality and durability, I’ve found that it does 99% of the time.

In general, the most durable and longest lasting jigsaws are manufactured by Makita, DeWalt, and BOSCH.

Speed Control Settings

As with any power tool, having control of the speed settings is critical. For jigsaws, this is even more important as too much speed can cause tearing in your wood – which you don’t want.

Additionally, some materials will require specific speed settings to cut. For example, if you’re cutting metal or extremely dense woods, you’ll want to use a slower speed to avoid overheating of your blade. Slower speeds can also produce cleaner cuts.

Lastly, speed control is important for the longevity of your blades. If you use too fast of a speed on certain materials, your blade can dull or even break during operation – which isn’t safe.

Most jigsaws will have a variable speed trigger or dial that allows you to easily change how fast the blade cuts.

Comfort and Grip

When it comes to jigsaws, there are several different grips that can make maneuvering your jig saw easier in some circumstances.

For example, a barrel grip jigsaw is better for making longer straight cuts because of its lower center of gravity compared to traditional top handle grip jigsaws.

As for comfort, most jigsaws will have some sort of ergonomic grip that is made of a rubber coating to reduce the vibrations in your hand.

Blade Changes

Most modern jigsaws accept u shank blades that are super easy to swap out. That said, there are some jigsaws that can take both u shank blades and t shank blades. This can be convenient if you have

While most jigsaws will allow you to easily change the blade with the press of a button, some may require a hex key or wrench to change them – which will obviously take more time.


Warranty and durability typically go hand in hand, but not always. Most jigsaws will come with a manufacturers warranty between 1 and 3 years.


As with any power tool, the range in pricing can be pretty drastic. If you’re looking for a budget friendly jigsaw, you can spend as little as $40 or $50.

However, if you want something more powerful and longer lasting, you can expect to spend over $100.

And for cordless jigsaws, the price can exceed $200 for the tool and battery.

Just getting started with a jigsaw? Check out the video below for help!

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a few great jigsaws I recommend for beginners just getting started.

The best jigsaw for beginners has to be the Makita Corded Jigsaw. This saw offers all of the power and convenience features you could want at a great price. If you’re looking for a cordless option, you can’t go wrong with the DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw.

If you’re looking for a saw that offers the most power you can find, the BOSCH Corded Jigsaw is the way to go. This jigsaw is extremely powerful and can cut through just about any material you throw its way.

Finally, if you want something that’s more affordable, I’d go with the SKIL Corded Jigsaw. It’s a great jigsaw for the price, but you won’t get as much power as other saws.