Lacquer spray

Is this the Best Spray Lacquer? ( I think so!)

Need some extra durability for your projects? You’ve got options. Between polyurethane, lacquer, and wood oils – the choices can be overwhelming.

I recently tried this Watco Spray Lacquer and here’s why I think it’s the best spray lacquer you can buy.

Lacquer spray

What I Liked:

Having worked on several woodworking projects, I appreciate a finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood while offering great protection. And this Watco Spray Lacquer does just that. It’s fantastic for indoor projects, particularly on furniture, doors, and paneling, offering a clear gloss that lets the wood’s patterns shine through.

Not only does it offer great protection, it dries super fast – which makes it so much easier if you’re applying multiple coats.

Also, the gloss finish looks amazing. Depending on the project you’re working on – a gloss finish is something that always looks great and you can’t go wrong with.

Finally, the price you can’t beat. If you can catch it on sale, it is a great value considering the quality. Whereas the Minwax spray lacquer is going to cost upwards of $20, this Watco version is only around $13.

What I Didn’t Like:

Overall, there isn’t much to dislike about this spray lacquer other than the finish consistency. Despite the quick-dry formula, achieving a smooth, uniform finish can be somewhat challenging because you have to hold the nozzle in the correct position. That said, it’s going to give a smoother finish than if you brush your finish – so it’s not terrible.

Final Thoughts

So, why is the Watco Spray Lacquer the best? Because it offers great protection, with a beautiful finish, at a great price.

If you’re not sure what finish to use on your project, check out my lacquer vs polyurethane guide to get the help you need!