Best Hot Glue Gun for Woodworking

5 Best Hot Glue Guns for Woodworking (Tested in 2024)

Hot glue is an essential for many woodworking projects. It’s a great adhesive that’s versatile and super easy to use. Here are the best hot glue guns for woodworking that I’ve tested!

In a hurry? The Gorilla Hot Glue Gun is the best hot glue gun for woodworking because it’s efficient, easy-to-use, safe, well-built, and more affordable when compared to other high-quality hot glue guns.

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Best Woodworking Hot Glue Guns

Best Hot Glue Guns

1. Gorilla Hot Glue Gun – #1 Best Overall

Gorilla Hot Glue Gun

When you want a hot glue gun that’s reliable and cost-effective, you can’t go wrong with the Gorilla Hot Glue Gun, as it’s easy-to-use, well-designed, affordable, and equipped with all the features a full-size hot glue gun needs to be efficient and safe.

Weighing just 11 oz, this compact, corded hot glue gun takes .43” glue sticks, and it has a dual-temp feature so you have more control over how hot the glue is when it comes out—love that!

And thanks to its insulated, drip-resistant precision nozzle, this product will always be accurate when applying hot glue, and that’s why it’s suitable for most woodworking projects that involve gluing.

There’s an easy-to-squeeze trigger so the user has more control, and this also helps with preventing the release of too much glue.

When you want to lay the gun on its side, that’s no problem—it has side fins! It also has a wide-base handle, so it can stand up and stay standing until considerable force knocks it over.

And as far as safety features go, this hot glue gun has some of the best I’ve seen. For one, there’s a light indicating whether the gun is on or off—simple but necessary. Plus, there’s cord protection to prevent shorting. And finally, it’s dual temperature so you can set it to a high or low setting.

Gorilla Glue Gun High Low Setting

Finally, it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to keep it if you don’t like the results it delivers – but considering the price, I promise this won’t be an issue.

What I Liked

  • It’s compact and therefore better at accessing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Its insulated, precision nozzle ensures it can always do extremely accurate gluing.
  • Its rubber handle makes it easier to grip and maneuver.
  • There’s an On/Off light, cord protection, and other features to ensure it’s 100% safe.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Takes longer to heat up than other hot glue guns.
  • Can only accommodate certain hot glue sticks.

My Thoughts

The Gorilla Hot Glue Gun does everything a full-size glue gun should do and more, and that’s why it’s in the number-one spot on my list. For one, it’s easy to control, and it’s built in a way that makes top-notch gluing results achievable every time. And since it has a bunch of safety features, it’s not only efficient but safe as well. Granted, it takes a little longer to heat up, and you’ll need Gorilla glue sticks to get the best results, but overall it’s a totally worthwhile purchase.

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2. Arrow Fastener Hot Melt Glue Gun – Best Quality

Arrow Hot Glue Gun

If substantial heating power and precise control are what you want more than anything else, I highly recommend the Arrow Fastener Hot Melt Glue Gun.

But even though this powerful tool is well-equipped and capable of reaching high temperatures in no time at all, it’s still accessible to those who need to do simple gluing for DIY projects.

It’s a 300-watt, heavy-duty hot glue gun that’s 10-1/2” long and 7-1/2” tall (when it’s held upright).

Like other hot glue guns, it’s ergonomic, compact, and lightweight, so I never have any trouble gluing continuously for several seconds.

But in order for this hot glue gun to work properly, it needs the right glue sticks—10” x 1/2″ and 4″ x 1/2″ Arrow All-Purpose Glue Sticks, to be exact.

And unlike other hot glue guns, this one doesn’t have a built-in stand. That said, it does come with an attachable stand, and this is used to make gluing in tight spaces easier.

A responsive knob controls heat and glue flow, and an over-sized trigger is employed so you can always release the right amount of glue.

Of course, since it’s one of the best hot glue guns, it has a drip-resistant, precision tip and an insulated safety nozzle, and these components will ensure the tool is accurate, long-lasting, and safe. I really love the on/off switch so you don’t have to unplug it from the wall each time using it.

Arrow Glue Gun On Off Switch

Finally, it’s backed by a two-year limited warranty, and this mainly covers defects caused by bad materials or lackluster workmanship.

What I Liked:

  • Even though it’s designed for professionals, it’s not hard for inexperienced hobbyists to master it.
  • Thanks to its over-sized trigger, you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure to get the glue out.
  • It’ll heat up in less than a minute, so tasks don’t take as long to accomplish.
  • Its stand is detachable, so it’ll never be an inconvenience.
  • On/Off switch makes it easy to turn on and off without unplugging it

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The On/Off switch is prone to being unintentionally flipped because of its location.
  • It takes awhile to cool down, so you won’t be able to store it immediately after gluing.

My Thoughts

When you use the Arrow Fastener Hot Melt Glue Gun, you’ll know right away why this powerful and well-designed hot glue gun holds the “Best Quality” title on my list. It’s the perfect size, and it has all the right features—I especially like the safety features that prevent messy back-flow problems. And it’s also incredibly easy to control, which is exactly what I want from a hot glue gun. Now, would I like it to cool down faster? Of course! But is it a fantastic glue gun overall? You bet!

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3. DeWalt Hot Glue Gun – Best Value

DeWalt Hot Glue Gun

I love when I can get my hands on high-quality products that are sold at a low price, and I’d certainly put the DeWalt Hot Glue Gun in this category, as it’s simple yet effective and totally affordable.

Weighing just 14 oz, this 11.3 x 7.8 x 2.6 hot glue gun is ideal for all kinds of wood projects, as it’s lightweight, compact, ergonomic, and well-balanced.

Plus, it has a ceramic heating element to ensure faster heating; in fact, it’ll reach high temperatures 50% faster than other hot glue guns. Now that’s efficiency!

And like other glue guns, there’s a heat-resistant silicone tip to make the tool safer, and there’s also a small, foldable stand for precise gluing.

Its rubber-base handle ensures it’ll stand up and stay up, and the rubber grip keeps my fingers from slipping when I’ve been gluing for several consecutive seconds.

Finally, it can apply up to 50 glue sticks in an hour, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What I Liked:

  • It can release a lot of glue in an hour, so it’s ideal for large projects.
  • Its an affordable, simple, and reliable tool, so it’s great for making quick home repairs.
  • It can reach a high temperature faster than other glue guns, so the whole process is shorter.
  • It can apply glue on most materials because the silicone tip prevents burning.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • You can’t use smaller glue sticks, and it only comes with four.
  • There’s no wing stand, so it’s more prone to dripping when on its side.

My Thoughts

The DeWalt Hot Glue Gun is a great tool for those who regularly apply glue for woodworking projects, as it’s simple, reliable, and—best of all—extremely affordable when compared to similar yet more-expensive glue guns. It can achieve a high temperature quickly because it’s equipped with a top-notch ceramic heating element, and it’s ideal for all kinds of crafts projects because it can glue on most materials without burning. Of course, I wish it took more glue stick sizes, but overall it’s a fantastic buy!

4. Ryobi One+ Cordless Hot Glue Gun – Best Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Ryobi Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The Ryobi One+ Cordless Hot Glue Gun is the best cordless hot glue gun I’ve come across, mainly because it has 3.5 hours of battery life and can be fitted with three different nozzles.

Powered by an 18V battery, this tool can heat glue sticks just as fast as corded systems, but you won’t be restricted by the length of the cord.

It’s another lightweight glue gun, and its dimensions are: 8.74” x 8.54” x 8.27”.

And like on most glue guns, there’s an On/Off light to indicate when the desired temperature has been reached, but this one is smaller and sometimes hard to see.

There is, however, a wide trigger, and I love when glue guns have these because they ensure more precision when gluing.

And whereas other glue guns are limited to just one nozzle, this one can be equipped with three different ones, so it’s ideal for people like me who do all kinds of gluing for all kinds of craft projects.

Lastly, when you purchase this product, you get three glue sticks, as well as a very attractive three-year limited warranty.

What I Liked:

  • There’s no power cord to complicate the gluing process, so it’s easier to get first-rate results.
  • Because it has 3.5 hours of battery life, it’s ideal for home repairs that take awhile.
  • It can be equipped with different nozzles, so it’s more versatile than other hot glue guns.
  • It’s easy to maneuver because it’s a lightweight, cordless glue gun.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • More prone to overheating than other hot glue guns
  • Light doesn’t change colors to indicate the tool is ready.

My Thoughts

If you don’t want to be dealing with a cord every time you have to glue for a woodworking project, I highly recommend the Ryobi One+ Cordless Hot Glue Gun, as it’s the best cordless glue gun on the market right now. With 3.5 hours of battery life and unmatched versatility, its capable of handling heavy-duty gluing tasks with ease, and that’s why it’s often used as a woodworking glue gun. Granted, it’s more prone to overheating than most hot glue guns, but this can be avoided if you’re careful when applying glue.

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5. WORKPRO Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun – Best Mini Glue Gun

WORKPRO Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The WORKPRO Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun is probably the most compact hot glue gun I’ve come across, and its size is such a huge advantage when you’re dealing with smaller workpieces.

Another cordless hot glue gun, this one is powered by a 5V battery, so it can run for about 25 minutes before it needs to be recharged; it usually takes three hours for the battery to charge completely.

It can release 0.18 oz of glue in a minute—which I’m a big fan of—and it’ll heat up a glue stick in just two.

It’s a particularly safe hot glue gun, as it’ll shut down automatically if it hasn’t been used in eight minutes. Also, it has battery life and heat level lights to ensure you’re always aware of both.

WORKPRO Glue Gun Power Button

And unlike other compact hot glue guns, this one has a reinforced, anti-scratch stand, and this component makes it the perfect tool for ultra-tight spaces.

As far as dimensions go, it’s 7.6″ x 4.72” x 2.24”. And since it’s so small, it should come as no surprise that it weighs just 7 oz.

Lastly, when you purchase this glue gun, you get the battery, 20 mini glue sticks, and a 15-day satisfaction guarantee.

What I Liked:

  • It’s easy to grip and maneuver because it’s compact, ergonomic, and lightweight.
  • It has superior safety features, so you’ll have more peace of mind when using it for wood projects.
  • Its collapsible stand is made of rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching surfaces.
  • WORKPRO donates to the National Breast Cancer Foundation when you purchase this product.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • For a cordless hot glue gun, it doesn’t have much in the way of battery life.
  • It’s not made of heavy-duty materials, so it’s more prone to impact damage.

My Thoughts

I’m all about supporting a good cause, and that’s exactly what you’ll do when you purchase the well-designed and highly-efficient WORKPRO Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun. When it comes to maneuverability, this hot glue gun is unmatched, Also, it’s equipped with a handful of useful safety features, and these protect the tool while ensuring the user stays out of harms way. Sure, it’s not going to run for as long as other cordless hot glue guns, but it’s still an all-around excellent hot glue gun for all woodworkers.

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What to Consider When Buying a Hot Glue Gun for Woodworking

Ease of Use

Gluing often requires precision, and the most precise glue guns are usually the easiest to operate.

In other words, if you see a glue gun that looks laden with too many bells and whistles, chances are it’s more complicated, and therefore achieving precise results would probably be difficult.

What makes a hot glue gun easy-to-use, you ask? Well, if it’s lightweight, compact, ergonomic, simple, and equipped with just the basic components a hot glue gun needs to be successful, there’s a very high chance it’s easy to use.

Also, if there’s no pesky cord to worry about, gluing tasks will be completed quicker and with more precision.


The best hot glue guns have substantial capacity. Put differently, they can accommodate large glue sticks.

Of course, hot glue guns with more capacity are best for larger projects.

That said, if a glue gun’s capacity prevents it from being efficient, safe, or both—and I’ve come across products where this is the case—it’s best to go with something else, even if it has less capacity.


Glue guns may look simple from the outside—and they are—but they’re still equipped with a handful of features to ensure they’re not only effective but safe too.

For example, some glue guns have special heating elements that liquify glue in just minutes.

Other glue guns have wide-triggers and smaller tips to make accurate results easier to achieve.

Essentially, you want just the right amount of features; too many will make gluing complicated.

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Most people don’t consider durability when selecting a hot glue gun, but this is an important factor. After all, we’re talking about a tool that can reach a super-high temperature in just minutes.

Usually, the durable hot glue guns rarely leak glue, and they won’t be rendered inoperable if you accidentally drop them on the floor.

So be on the lookout for hot glue guns made of reinforced plastic; metal components are a good sign too.

Here’s a great video to guide you on finding the best glue gun for you!


Versatility is something only a handful of hot glue guns truly deliver, and a versatile hot glue gun is almost always a worthwhile purchase.

What kind of versatility should you be on the lookout for? Well, if the hot glue gun can be equipped with different nozzles, that’s a good start; this way you’re not forced to use the wrong nozzle.

Also, if the glue gun has multiple stands, you’ll be able to glue accurately in hard-to-reach places, and you won’t have to worry as much about dripping (when the tool is not being used).

If you’re wondering, yes, hot glue does work on wood! Check out my guide for more details.


Whenever you use hot glue, you need to keep safety in mind. That’s because hot glue can burn you instantly and quite severely, mainly because it’s hard to remove.

This is why the best hot glue gun will have plenty of safety features, like a silicone tip, temperature control, and a wing stand.

And since a hot glue gun is much more dangerous when it’s inactive and on its side, it’s important to get an anti-drip system.


Of course, price should be considered when you’re browsing glue guns. Basically, anything above $50 is probably a high-quality product with plenty of useful features.

That said, it’s possible to get an efficient and reliable hot glue gun, like the DeWalt Hot Glue Gun, for less than $30.

Final Thoughts

To recap, the Gorilla Hot Glue Gun is the best hot glue gun for woodworking because it’s reliable, efficient, affordable, and capable of delivering professional results, yet it’s one of the easiest to learn.

The Arrow Fastener Hot Melt Glue Gun is a terrific glue gun for anyone who’s looking to do some ultra-precise gluing, particularly on heavy-duty materials, as it’s built-to-last and equipped with several useful features.

Finally, there’s the DeWalt Hot Glue Gun, a terrific buy for anyone who’s looking for a quality hot glue gun at a low price.