Best Power Tool Brand

13 Best Power Tool Brand Showdown (Ranked!)

Are you looking for the best power tool brand you can buy?

I’ve tested many different brands of power tools over the years and have some strong thoughts on a few brands.

In this guide, I’ll help you determine which power tool brand is best for you, what to consider when purchasing power tools, and much more. Let’s dig in!

Best Power Tool Brands – Ranked Best to Worst

1. Makita Tools – #1 Best Overall Power Tool Brand

Makita Jigsaw

This might be a hot take, but I love Makita tools. In fact, I’m giving them my top spot as the best power tool brand overall.

This has been one of the best brands on the power tool market with over 100 years of history constructing some of the worlds best tools.

Makita is a renowned Japanese brand known for its exceptional build quality and robust power tools. They specialize in cordless tools, including drills, circular saws, and reciprocating saws. Makita’s innovative engineering and high-performing battery platform (18V LXT) are key strengths of the brand, but their corded tools are top notch as well.

While Makita tools tend to be priced higher, their durability, power, and the breadth of the product range make them a top choice for professional contractors, woodworkers, and everyone in between.

  • Pros: Known for their exceptional build quality and reliability. They offer a broad range of cordless tools powered by their 18V LXT platform as well as corded tools.
  • Cons: While generally high-performing, they can be more expensive than other brands. Because of their build quality, some of their tools to be heavier.
  • Best For: Professional contractors and serious DIYers who demand high performance and don’t mind paying a bit extra for top-tier tools.

2. Dewalt Tools – Best Durability

My DeWalt tools

Don’t get me wrong, DeWalt tools are extremely high quality that are one of the most well know power tool brands on the market. I just prefer Makita tools a bit more.

Established in 1924, DeWalt is a well-regarded American brand that is synonymous with power and durability. They have a broad range of tools, but they’re especially known for their cordless drills and saws.

DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT system, which provides unparalleled power and flexibility, is a standout feature of the brand. This, coupled with their robust build, makes DeWalt a preferred brand among professionals who demand heavy-duty performance.

  • Pros: DeWalt is renowned for its high power and robustness, especially in their cordless lineup. They have a comprehensive range of tools and a flexible battery platform.
  • Cons: Quality can vary between different tools. While many are excellent, others may not match up to the competition in the same price range.
  • Best For: Professional builders and handymen who need powerful, reliable tools for heavy-duty tasks.

3. Milwaukee Tools – Best Cordless Tools

Milwaukee Tools

Another top notch brand is Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee, founded in 1924, is recognized for its commitment to innovation and the robust build quality of its tools.

With one of the most extensive lineups of cordless power tools in the industry, Milwaukee offers versatility to professionals in various trades. Their M12 and M18 systems are particularly popular, boasting unique features that enhance productivity. While they are a premium brand, the investment in Milwaukee tools often yields long-term value.

  • Pros: Milwaukee is known for innovative features and robust build quality. They also have one of the most extensive lineups of cordless power tools.
  • Cons: Milwaukee tools can be pricey, especially their newer, feature-packed models.
  • Best For: Professionals in various trades who value innovative features and are willing to invest in high-quality tools.

4. Bosch Tools

My BOSCH Tools

Bosch, a German company established in 1886, is renowned for its high-quality and durable power tools. They offer a wide variety of tools, but their woodworking tools, like routers and planers, are particularly well-regarded.

Bosch tools often feature innovative technologies that enhance precision and user comfort. Although their cordless lineup isn’t as broad as some competitors, Bosch tools stand out for their reliability and superior performance, especially in the woodworking segment.

  • Pros: Bosch offers high-quality, durable tools. They are especially known for their woodworking tools, like routers and planers.
  • Cons: Bosch’s cordless tool lineup isn’t as extensive as some other brands, and their prices can be higher on average.
  • Best For: Woodworking enthusiasts and professionals who need precision and high-quality woodworking tools.

5. Metabo HPT

Metabo Circular Saw

Metabo HPT, formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools, is a reliable brand known for its good performance and versatility.

Founded in 1948, this brand’s most notable feature is the MultiVolt system, which allows for the interchangeability between corded and cordless power. Though the product range isn’t as wide as some competitors, the flexibility and trusted reliability of Metabo HPT tools make them a popular choice.

  • Pros: Formerly Hitachi, Metabo HPT tools are reliable and offer good performance. Their MultiVolt system provides flexibility between corded and cordless use.
  • Cons: Their product range isn’t as wide as some competitors. Also, the rebranding from Hitachi may cause some confusion in terms of product compatibility.
  • Best For: Professionals and DIYers who appreciate the flexibility of the MultiVolt system and trust the reliability of the former Hitachi brand.

6. Ryobi Tools

Ryobi Jigsaw

Established in 1943, Ryobi is a quality Japanese brand that excels in providing good value for money.

Known for their extensive lineup of affordable tools on the ONE+ platform, Ryobi tools are user-friendly and great for casual woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts.

While they might lack the power for heavy-duty, professional use, their broad range and affordability make Ryobi a go-to brand for home use.

  • Pros: Ryobi offers excellent value for money, with a huge lineup of tools on their ONE+ platform. Great for casual woodworkers and DIYers.
  • Cons: While great for homeowners and hobbyists, they might lack the power and durability for heavy-duty, professional use.
  • Best For: Homeowners and hobbyists who need a wide variety of affordable, user-friendly tools.

7. Ridgid Tools

Ridgid, established in 1923, is a tool brand that offers good performance and value for money. Their tools, including pipe wrenches and their cordless power tool lineup, are appreciated for their durability. The brand’s Lifetime Service Agreement is a unique feature that gives Ridgid an edge in the market, demonstrating their commitment to the longevity of their products.

  • Pros: Ridgid tools offer good performance and value for money. Their Lifetime Service Agreement is a huge draw.
  • Cons: The product lineup isn’t as extensive as other brands, and availability can sometimes be an issue.
  • Best For: Value-oriented professionals and DIYers who appreciate a good warranty.

8. Craftsman Tools

My Craftsman Tools

Craftsman, an American company established in 1927, is known for providing a balanced blend of performance and price.

Their wide range of tools, from hand tools to power tools, are accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Despite some changes in manufacturing locations and ownership over the years, Craftsman remains a popular choice for its reasonable prices and decent quality.

  • Pros: Craftsman provides a balanced blend of performance and price, making their tools accessible for both DIYers and professionals.
  • Cons: The quality can vary between tools. Also, the brand’s repositioning and changes in manufacturing locations have led to some inconsistency in product lineup.
  • Best For: DIYers and semi-professionals looking for a balance between cost and performance.

9. Porter-Cable

jig saw on wood

Founded in 1906, Porter-Cable is a trusted brand that has a history of providing mid-range, reliable tools. Known for their sanders and routers, Porter-Cable offers a range of tools that balance cost and performance. While the brand may not be at the forefront of innovation, their tools are reliable, making them a sound choice for woodworkers and hobbyists.

  • Pros: Porter-Cable is a reliable brand with a history of creating decent quality tools at a mid-range price point.
  • Cons: In recent years, their product development has slowed, and they’ve been outpaced by other brands in terms of innovation and new tool releases.
  • Best For: Woodworkers and hobbyists looking for affordable, reliable tools without the need for the latest features.

10. SKIL

SKIL Table Saw

Founded in 1924, Skil is a brand that offers good value for the budget-conscious woodworker. Known for their iconic Skilsaw, Skil has recently made an impressive push into the cordless tool market. They provide a broad range of tools that offer decent quality for their price, making Skil a preferred brand for DIYers and hobbyists on a budget.

  • Pros: Skil offers good value for the budget-conscious woodworker, with decent quality for the price. Their recent push into the cordless tool market has been impressive.
  • Cons: While they’re improving, they’re not quite at the level of the premium brands in terms of performance and durability.
  • Best For: DIYers and hobbyists on a budget who need a broad range of tools.

11. Kobalt Tools

Kobalt Tools

Kobalt, established in 1998, offers good performance at a reasonable price. With a fairly wide range of tools, Kobalt is known for its 24V Max line of cordless tools that offer excellent performance. Their tools are exclusively sold at Lowe’s, making them a go-to brand for DIYers who shop there.

  • Pros: Kobalt tools offer good performance at a reasonable price, and they have a fairly wide range of tools available.
  • Cons: Availability can be an issue as their tools are exclusively sold at Lowe’s. Also, the brand has seen several changes in their battery platform, leading to compatibility issues.
  • Best For: DIYers who shop at Lowe’s and need a reasonably priced, good performing tool range.

12. Black and Decker

Black & Decker Jigsaw

Black & Decker, established in 1910, is a globally recognized brand known for its user-friendly and affordable tools.

The company pioneered the development of the handheld electric drill and has since offered a range of tools, especially appreciated by homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Black & Decker’s 20V MAX cordless lineup provides decent performance for household tasks.

While their tools may not be suitable for heavy-duty professional work, they offer great value for those needing dependable tools for light tasks and general maintenance.

  • Pros: Black & Decker is a well-known brand that offers affordable, user-friendly tools. Their cordless lineup, featuring a 20V MAX system, is versatile and suitable for various household tasks.
  • Cons: While affordable and suitable for light tasks, Black & Decker tools may lack the power and durability needed for heavy-duty or professional use. Also, their product range isn’t as wide as other brands.
  • Best For: Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who need affordable, easy-to-use tools for light tasks and general household maintenance.

13. Husky Tools

Husky, established in 1924, is a brand that offers a variety of affordable tools and tool storage options. Known for their hand tools and tool chests, Husky products are exclusively sold at Home Depot. While they don’t have the same breadth of power tools as other brands, their affordability and variety make them a good choice for homeowners and DIYers.

  • Pros: Husky offers a variety of affordable tools and tool storage options, making them great for home users.
  • Cons: They don’t have the same breadth of product offerings as other brands, especially for power tools, and their quality can vary.
  • Best For: Homeowners and DIYers who need basic tools and storage solutions at affordable prices.

Considerations When Ranking the Best Power Tool Brands

Quality & Performance

In my opinion, the overall quality and performance of your tools is the most important factor to consider when choosing a power tool brand.

Quality refers to how well each power tool performs the tasks it’s designed for. This often depends on the engineering of the tool and the materials used in its construction. High-quality tools are well-designed and made from robust materials that stand up to wear and tear.

Performance, on the other hand, relates to the power and effectiveness of the tool. For example, does the drill bore holes quickly and easily? Does the saw cut smoothly and efficiently? A tool that delivers consistently high performance is often a sign of superior quality.

Here’s a great video comparing some of the most popular cordless tools on the market.

Durability and Longevity

Another key aspect that many people will consider is the durability of your tools. If you’re planning to spend hundreds of dollars on your tools, they should last!

Durability pertains to how well a tool can withstand the rigors of a woodworking shop. Can it endure heavy use, resist damage, and function well in various working conditions? A durable tool will handle intense workloads without breaking down.

Longevity is about the lifespan of the tool. A well-constructed power tool should serve you for years, if not decades. This is especially true for tools that are well-maintained and serviced regularly.

Product Lineup

The product lineup refers to the range of tools a brand offers. Some brands excel at making specific types of tools, like drills or saws, while others may have a more diverse product lineup.

A broad lineup means a brand can be a one-stop shop for all your tool needs. But even if a brand only specializes in a few types of tools, the quality and performance of those tools can sometimes outshine a brand with a broader range.

One of the benefits of a brand that manufactures many different tools is that you can swap out batteries and accessories between them.


Features are the additional benefits or functions that a tool provides. These can include things like variable speed controls, dust extraction systems, or LED lights to illuminate your workspace.

Features can greatly enhance the usability and convenience of a tool. However, they should be genuinely useful and not just gimmicks. The best power tool brands provide practical, beneficial features that improve your woodworking experience.


While the warranty length

It’s an assurance that if something goes wrong due to a manufacturing defect, they will repair or replace the tool.

The length and terms of a warranty can tell you a lot about the confidence a manufacturer has in their products. Long, comprehensive warranties are often a good sign of a reliable, high-quality power tool.


As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, and this is generally true when it comes to power tools.

But this isn’t always the case. There are some brands in the power tool industry that offer excellent value considering their price.

Value for money is key. Consider the balance between the tool’s price and what it offers in terms of quality, durability, features, and warranty. The best brands are those that deliver excellent performance and durability at a reasonable price.

Best Power Tool Brand for Homeowners

While there are plenty of power tool brands on the market, some are better suited for homeowners and entry level woodworkers, carpenters, and tradesmen.

While you can’t go wrong with any of the top brands overall, you might not need the extra performance and power that the top brands offer with a higher price tage.

Instead, I recommend these tool brands for homeowners and DIYers:

  1. BOSCH
  2. Metabo HPT
  3. Ryobi
  4. Craftsman
  5. Ridgid

Again, the top power tool brands will offer great products, and if your budget isn’t a concern when buying power tools – I’d go with them. But if you don’t need the extra power and durability, these brands will get the job done.


What is the most reliable power tool brand?

Makita is often cited as the most reliable power tool brand. Renowned for its exceptional build quality, durability, and robust performance, Makita tools are designed to withstand tough conditions, making them a trusted choice for professionals.

What is the overall best tool brand?

DeWalt consistently ranks as the overall best tool brand due to its blend of power, durability, and extensive product range. They offer high-performing tools for various tasks, serving the needs of professionals and DIYers alike. These tools can also be easily purchased for a variety of retailers making them easy to find.

Who makes the best cordless power tools?

Milwaukee is recognized for making the best cordless power tools, although DeWalt is also right up there. Their innovative M12 and M18 cordless platforms boast high performance, flexibility, and a vast range of tools, making Milwaukee a leader in the cordless tool market.

Final Thoughts

So, what are the best power tool brands you can buy?

In my opinion, there are three different “tiers”.

In the best of the best tier, Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee stand out. These are the best quality, most durable, and highest performing tools you can buy.

Next is the second tier including brands like BOSCH tools, Metabo HPT, Ryobi. These tools are a pretty good value as they offer a great mix of performance and price.

Finally, there are the more affordable tool brands like SKIL, Kobalt, Craftsman, and others.

However, despite being in lower tiers on my list, some brands might have a single product that outperforms the rest. For example, SKIL manufactures one of the best table saws you can buy and some people prefer it over the DeWalt options.