Best Place to Buy Power Tools

12 Best Places to Buy Power Tools (2024 List)

If you’re in the market for some new power tools, there’s certainly no shortage of options.

I’ve purchased power tools from a handful of retailers over the years and have some strong thoughts as to which are the best.

In this post, I’ll explore the best place to buy power tools so you can spend less time shopping and more time working. Let’s dig in!

  • The best places to buy power tools include Amazon, Acme Tools, Tool Barn, and Ace Hardware.
  • To find the best deals and save money on your tools, be sure to shop around, join rewards programs, and consider the cost of shipping in the overall price you pay.

Best Places to Buy Power Tools

1. Amazon

Buy Power Tools from Amazon

Hands down, Amazon is my favorite place to buy power tools for a few reasons.

First, extremely fast shipping. For most products, you can have them delivered within a couple of days. But sometimes, you can even find products that can be delivered same-day. Sign me up!

But that’s not it. They almost always have the lowest prices of anywhere I’ve found. With Prime, you can often find many power tools on sale for great prices.

Finally, if you need to make a return, it’s super easy and mostly hassle free. You can just click return item and then a shipping label is paid for so you can just print your label and ship it back. Better yet, if you don’t want to deal with shipping – you can return some items to local stores like Whole Foods or Kohls. Just check your return instructions for more details.

Coupled with the lightning fast shipping – this is my number one place to buy power tools. Check out current deals below!

2. Acme Tools

Acme Tools

If you’re looking for another great place to buy power tools – Acme Tools is a great option.

Founded in 1948, this retailer specializes in power tools, so they have just about everything you could need. They feature hundreds of different brands and products ranging from power tools, to hand tools, and air tools.

Similar to other retailers, they often have promotions and sales on popular tools and you can almost always get free shipping if you spend at a certain level.

Whether you’re looking for woodworking tools like a table saw, or a new air compressor – Acme Tools is a great option worth exploring.

3. Tool Barn

Tool Barn

Tool Barn is another specialized tool retailer that makes finding corded or cordless power tools a breeze.

The offer most of the popular cordless tools you could want at reasonable prices. Better yet, they often offer free shipping and have many sales throughout the year that make it easy to find the best deals on your favorite products.

In addition to tools, you can also find parts and tool diagrams which can be super helpful.

They also have a rewards program – Barn Bucks – to help you save money on your tools which is nice.

Some of the popular brands you’ll find on Tool Barn include:

  • Milwaukee
  • DeWalt tools
  • Makita
  • Metabo HPT

4. Home Depot

Home Depot

You probably already know about Home Depot. It’s one of the most popular hardware stores in the country and they offer tons of power tools for any DIYer or professional.

If you prefer to shop in-person – Home Depot is a great choice. I always like to order online and pickup in-store to avoid the crowds but whatever floats your boat works.

Home Depot carries some exclusive brands including:

  • Ryobi tools
  • Ridgid tools
  • Husky tools

But they also carry the most common tool brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and others.

Home Depot offers some of the best deals (outside of Amazon) around the holidays so it’s an excellent option working looking at.

As far as shipping is concerned – it’s hit or miss if it’s free of charge but most times it is. Usually if your order is over $50 – your shipping is free. But you can always pick it up in-store completely free.

5. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is basically the little brother to Home Depot. It’s a much smaller retailer that offers many different tools, but it doesn’t quite have the same selection of larger retailers.

That said, sometimes you can find great deals at Ace Hardware so I always give them a check before making my purchase at another store.

One thing I love about Ace Hardware is their shipping. When you join their free Ace Rewards program, any order over $50 will ship for free. But it gets better. Depending on the item – if your local store has it in stock, they can often deliver it same day. I’m a huge fan of speedy delivery – so this is a huge perk for me.

If you’re looking for quality products at a great price – check out Ace Hardware.

6. Tool Nut

Tool Nut

Tool Nut is a newer retailer that was founded in 1994. This power tool retailer offers a massive range of products for just about anyone.

Whether you need farm tools, carrying tools, or power tool accessories – Tool Nut has you covered!

Some of the brands Tool Nut carries include:

  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Makita
  • SKIL

Similar to other power tool retailers – they have a rewards program that allows you to earn cash back whenever you shop.

Shipping is free for most orders and I’ve found it to be pretty fast.

7. Walmart Tools

Walmart Power Tools

Walmart, that’s right Walmart, offers many power tools online through their website.

While their in-store selection is very limited – you can find some great deals online. And if you have Walmart Plus – you’ll get free shipping which I’m a huge fan of.

Walmart works similar to Amazon in that they allow third party sellers to sell tools online which offers customers great prices on many products.

8. Lowe’s


Lowe’s is another one of the most popular home improvement stores in the United States. With over 1,700 locations throughout the US – this is one of the easiest places to find a variety of tools.

The company has been around for over a century offering customers quality power tools, outdoor power equipment, and automotive tools at affordable prices.

Lowe’s is extremely similar to Home Depot in that the prices you’ll find are often the same or within a few bucks.

As far as offerings are concerned, Lowe’s features unique brands including:

  • Craftsman
  • Kobalt

They also offer all of the best power tool brands including DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and others.

9. Rockler


Rockler is a great place to purchase quality tools at a reasonable price. This company has been around for quite some time founded in 1954.

Rockler focuses mainly on woodworking tools – but you can find many standard power and hand tools that you might need.

I’ve found that their prices tend to be slightly more expensive than other places but if you can find them on sale they’ll be about the same.

Shipping is often free on order over $49 but it’s not quite as fast as other retailers.

10. eBay


eBay is a great places to purchase used tools and replacement parts.

In general, you can save about 30% or more by purchasing your power tools used which can be a large amount depending on the item.

The one thing you’ll have to be aware of is that shipping costs are up to the seller and returning products can be a hassle.

Other than that, eBay can be a fantastic option if you’re looking to save money on your tools.

11. Northern Tool

Northern Tool

Northern Tool offers a wide variety of quality products and equipment.

The business was founded in 1981 making it one of the newer retailers on the list, but they’ve done a great job of expanding their product offerings over the years.

In addition to power tools, you can find many different pieces of equipment no matter what projects you’re working on.

Whether you’re working on construction, automotive, or electrical jobs – Northern Tool can be an awesome place to find the tools you need.

12. Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is known for one thing – cheap tools.

This retailer offers off brand products at extremely affordable prices. They have many different locations across the country so you can purchase items in-store.

If you aren’t concerned about the longevity or build quality of your tools – Harbor Freight is certainly worth checking out to save money.

Tips to Find the Best Prices on Power Tools

Everyone wants to save money on their tools and projects. Here are some tips to help you find the best deals to maximize your savings:

  • Shop around. Don’t check one place and hit purchase. Instead try viewing your tools at a few different retailers to see if you can find a better deal. In many cases – national brands will require each retailer to charge the same amount for the same product, but it’s worth double checking to save money.
  • Always consider shipping costs. While free shipping seems to be the norm these days, this isn’t always the case – and shipping can be expensive.
  • Find coupons. Some retailers will offer exclusive coupons if you sign up for their email list or complete other actions. This can be an easy way to save 10% or more on your purchase.
  • Join rewards programs. Many tool retailers have rewards programs that offer you cash rewards for your purchases. While it’s not going to be anything crazy, every dollar counts and these can help you save a decent amount.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the best place to buy power tools?

I’m a huge fan of a few places including Amazon, Acme Tools, Tool Barn, and Ace Hardware.

That said, there are many other places to buy power tools that might occasionally be better. For example, if you need a specialized woodworking tool – Rockler might be your best bet.

Always be sure to shop around to find the best prices and deals and don’t forget about shipping costs!