Best Spray Paint for Wood

6 Best Spray Paints for Wood (Furniture & More)

Spray painting is a quick and convenient way to add some color to wood furniture, but you’ll need a quality spay paint to get the results you want.

That’s why I put together this list of the best spray paint for woods so you can get the perfect finish you’re looking for. Let’s dig in!

In a hurry? Krylon Fusion Spray Paint is hands down the best spray paint for wood, as it’s beautifully colored, tough, easy to apply, defect-masking, and more affordable than other top-quality spray paints.

Quick Answer: Here are My Favorites! 👇

Best Spray Paint for Wood

Best Spray Paints for Wood

1. Krylon Fusion Spray Paint – #1 Best Overall

Krylon Fusion Spray Paint
Krylon 12 oz K02727007 White Fusion All-In-One Paint & Primer Spray Paint,…
  • 5X Stronger Adhesion and superior durability
  • Indoor/outdoor use with maximum rust protection
  • No sanding or priming required

The title of “Best Spray Paint for Wood” wasn’t easy to decide, but Krylon Fusion Spray Paint earned it because it’s an exceptionally attractive spray paint that’s not only easy to use but strong as well. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than other spray paints, as it’s affordable and long-lasting.

This 12-oz can of acrylic spray paint can be used indoors and outdoors, and it boasts a rich, white color and glossy sheen.

And since it’s a primer and paint all in one, it can be applied to wood, metal, plastic, laminate, glass, tile, masonry, and wicker. Love that versatility!

A full can will cover 20-25 sq ft (depending on the surface’s porosity), and it’s best to apply this spray paint when the temperature is 55-75° and there’s minimal humidity.

As far as drying time goes, a coat of this paint will be dry-to-touch about 25 minutes after application, and ready for another coat after 2 hours of drying time.

Once you’re done spray painting, allow 48 hows of drying time before resuming normal use of the surface.

To clean this paint once it’s fully cured, warm, soapy water will do. To remove it when it’s semi-dry, use mineral spirits.

And you can count on this spray paint to deliver first-rate moisture, UV ray, and rust protection.

Finally, I can spray efficiently at any angle, and a big-button spray tip ensures continuous spraying is more comfortable.

What I Liked:

  • You’ll get the paint job done quicker since you don’t have to wait for primer to dry.
  • There’s no sanding beforehand, so you won’t run the risk of taking off too much material.
  • The sheen is well-balanced, so it highlights the color without being too shiny on sunny days.
  • Overhead spray painting is a breeze since it works well at any angle.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • You need multiple coats to form a durable finish.
  • You need to shake well before using, otherwise the paint pigments won’t disperse.

My Thoughts:

Over the years, I’ve used many spray paints for wooden furniture, but now it’s crystal clear that Krylon Fusion Spray Paint is superior to the rest. It has the best shade of white, and it’ll last a long time no matter where it’s applied. And since it can deliver considerable coverage on all kinds of materials, it’s an incredibly versatile and cost-effective product. Sure, you’ll need to apply multiple coats properly to get the best results, but this is a small price to pay for incomparable results.

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2. Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer – Most Durable

Krylon ColorMaxx Spray Paint
Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer, Gloss, White, 12 oz.
6,342 Reviews
Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer, Gloss, White, 12 oz.
  • For use on plastic, metal, wood and more
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Dries in 10 minutes or less

If your top priority is ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish, you can’t go wrong with Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer, as it’s designed to withstand all the elements that break finishes down outdoors, including moisture, UV rays, mold and mildew, pests, and temperature fluctuations.

Another 12-oz, acrylic spray paint with an attractive white color and glossy sheen, it can be used to great success both indoors and outdoors, even though it’s designed for outdoor use.

Along with being extremely durable, it’s also remarkably quick-drying, becoming dry-to-touch in just 10 minutes.

And whenever I use it on vertical surfaces, no drips or runs appear, which speaks to how simple yet well-designed the can is.

But even though it dries quickly, you should still allow at least an hour of drying time before spray painting another coat.

And whereas other paints take approximately 48 hours to cure, this one cures in just 24 hours.

It’s a versatile product too, which isnt a surprise since it bears the well-respected “Krylon” logo. Therefore, it can be used on all kinds of materials, since it acts as both a paint and primer.

Finally, it covers 20-25 sq ft, and the can’s EZ Touch conical tip ensures you can spray continuously—and at any angle—without experiencing a bit of discomfort.

What I Liked:

  • It’s ideal for outdoor wooden furniture, as it provides superior protection from moisture and UV rays.
  • It dries in just 10 minutes, so it won’t take long to determine whether or not another coat is needed.
  • The can releases a consistent spray whenever activated, even when almost empty.
  • The can is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, so there’s less waste.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Has to be touched up annually to stay looking good.
  • The surface has to be clean before it’s sprayed, otherwise this paint won’t adhere well.

My Thoughts:

It can be hard to find a paint product that’s the perfect combination of durable and visually appealing, but that’s exactly what you get with Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer. This product is designed to withstand everything nature could throw at it, and even though it’s so tough it still manages to be visually appealing, versatile, and easy to use. If you didn’t have to touch it up annually to keep it attractive and strong, I could see it commanding the top spot on my list.

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3. Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel Spray Paint – Best Value

Rust-Oleum 7590838 Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint, 15 Oz,…
  • Ideal for use on ferrous, non-ferrous metal, wood, concrete, masonry and other such surfaces to provide rust…
  • High quality, durable oil-based formula maintains consistent, corrosion-resistant color despite the elements
  • Covers up to 14 sq ft, dries to touch in 15 minutes and recoats within an hour for quick project completion

When you need a cheaper spray paint that’s known for delivering top-notch results again and again, you can’t go wrong with Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel Spray Paint.

This oil-based, enamel spray paint comes in a 15 oz can, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

But unlike the other spray paints I’ve discussed thus far, this one has a flat sheen, so it hides surface imperfections and stains better.

And since it’s neither shiny nor slippery, I can use it with total peace of mind on surfaces that see a lot of foot traffic routinely.

It can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, concrete, masonry, and a handful of other materials, and I’ve found that all you need are two coats to get an appealing and durable finish.

Like other Rust-Oleum spray paints, it’ll be dry-to-touch in just 15 minutes, and it’ll be ready for another coat an hour after application.

And once 48 hours of drying time has passed, you can resume normal use of the now-painted wood.

Lastly, thanks to a high-output tip, you can put down a lot of paint in a short period.

What I Liked:

  • It covers surface stains and imperfections well, so you don’t have to do as much surface prep.
  • It protects outdoor wood furniture from moisture and UV rays because it’s a thick, oil-based product.
  • It’s great for large surfaces because the container can spray a lot of material quickly.
  • It’ll display a smooth finish on any surface thanks to its deep white color and flat sheen.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • You’ll need to use a primer before spraying, as it’s not an all-in-one product.
  • Because it’s more viscous, it doesn’t cover as much surface area.

My Thoughts:

Purchase Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel Spray Paint if your two top priorities are: (1) getting high-quality results and (2) saving as much money as possible. I love that this product delivers in all the ways that matter, yet it’s sold at a fraction of what most expensive spray paints cost. Specifically, it blocks out existing surface defects exceptionally well, and it’s the perfect shade of white with a subtle yet accentuating sheen. If it didn’t require primer and covered more area, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it the best overall. And yes, you can use Rustoluem on wood!

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4. Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint – Best Chalk Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum 302592 Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint, 12 Ounce (Pack of 1),…
  • Use on a variety of interior surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, canvas and easily distress to create a…
  • Oil-based formula provides ultimate hide with a timeless look
  • Dries to the touch in just 20 minutes and covers up to 12 sq ft, 1-coat coverage allows projects to be…

Chalk paints are the way to go when you want a velvety smooth finish, and I’ve yet to find a chalk spray paint that’s better than Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint.

Like most of the other spray paints on this list, it comes in a 12 oz aerosol can. However, this one is just for indoor use.

It’s another oil-based spray paint, and I’ve found its distinct grey color and matte sheen make it great for older materials, especially wood.

And in most cases, just one coat is all you’ll need to create a durable finish.

But if you want multiple light coats, you’ll have to afford an hour of drying time between each coat. It may be dry-to-touch in just 20 minutes, but you’ll have to wait a full hour before putting more down.

As far as the topcoat is concerned, this should get 24 hours of drying time before you start using the surface as normal.

It adheres well to virtually any surface, so long as primer is used beforehand to help the paint stick.

And I love that—if you want to add a sealer coat of polyurethane or something else—you can sand this paint without diminishing its visual appeal or strength.

Finally, since it’s a Rust-Oleum product, it’s backed by their satisfaction guarantee. Essentially, if you don’t like the results you get, and the paint was used as intended, you can get new paint or a full refund.

What I Liked:

  • It’s great antique wood furniture spray paint because its color and sheen blend with old wood so well.
  • It’s a one-coat paint for wood furniture, so the application process won’t take longer than a day.
  • It’s sandable, so it can be protected by polyurethane or another varnish.
  • It adheres well to different materials and lasts long no matter where it’s applied, so it’s cost-effective.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It can only be used indoors because it’s not as strong as other oil-based spray paints.
  • It’s more toxic because it has a higher concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

My Thoughts:

If you’re looking to refurbish a piece of antique wooden furniture, get your hands on some Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint. This chalk paint blends well with older woods, and it subtly accentuates minor details in a way that impresses me to this day. And since it’s easy to apply, quick-drying, and a one-coat solution, you can paint wood one day and use it the next. I just wish it could be used on outdoor furniture. But all things considered, it’s a good spray paint for a variety of projects.

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5. Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint – Best Metallic Spray Paint for Wood

Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint
Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint Resembles Actual Plating, 18K...
7,524 Reviews
Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint Resembles Actual Plating, 18K…
  • METALLIC FINISH SPRAY PAINT – Embrace a sleek, metallic look for craft and DIY projects with Krylon Premium…
  • DEEP, LUSTROUS FINISH – With a very smooth, high gloss finish, this metallic craft spray paint resembles…
  • GOLD METALLIC SPRAY PAINT – A touch of gold steps up any room’s style, and is the perfect finishing touch…

Metallic spray paint can create a uniquely smooth and appealing finish when it’s applied to wood, and Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint is certainly no exception.

Another indoors-only spray paint, it resembles 18K gold and is ultra glossy, so it’s a great choice when you want to add a little opulence to a tired wood surface.

And since it can totally cover up the surface it’s applied to, it can be used on hardwoods and softwoods—no matter what color they are.

But what impresses me most is its consistency. You can get multiple cans and count on the same color from all of them.

Like other Krylon spray paints, it’s quick-drying; it’ll be dry to touch in 10 minutes and dry enough for recoating in two hours.

And since it comes in an 8 oz can, you only get about 15-20 sq ft of coverage, but that’s enough for most smaller painting projects.

Finally, it’s easy to remove if you make a mistake while applying; just use mineral spirits!

What I Liked:

  • It’s an ultra-shiny finish, so it highlights ornamental wood well.
  • Its color doesn’t blend with natural wood colors, so it’s easy to track your progress while spraying.
  • It comes in a cylindrical can that’s tall yet slim, so it can be sprayed efficiently in tight spots.
  • It makes wood surfaces look like real metal because it leaves a smooth, well-balanced finish.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It’s prone to fading, so keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • You’ll need to apply multiple coats to get a darker shade, and this could take 48-72 hours.

My Thoughts:

Looking to spray paint wood furniture so it looks like it was dipped in gold? Then I highly recommend Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint. This high-gloss finish can beautify any material, but it works best on bare wood. And since it covers up surface defects and stains, it’s a terrific paint for wood furniture that’ll be out for all to see. Granted, it’s prone to fading and getting the right shade can be challenging, but overall it’s fabulous spray paint that’ll add a touch of elegance to anything it’s applied to.

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6. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover – Best for Dark Colors

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Spray Paint for Wood
Rust-Oleum 334020 Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint, 12 oz, Flat…
  • Ideal for use on interior/exterior surfaces including wood, plastic, plaster, metal, masonry and unglazed…
  • Oil-based formula is low odor, resist chips and provides long-lasting protection
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes and covers up to 12 sq. ft. per can . Durable formula provides excellent hide and…

It’s no secret that dark finishes work best on dark surfaces, but Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover—with its attractive matte black finish—takes surface enhancing to another level.

This 12 oz, aerosol spray paint can be used indoors and outdoors, and it’ll cover about 12 sq ft.

And since it’s oil-based, it works on metal, plastic, wood, laminate, stone, glass, and tile.

The can has a comfortable spray tip, and it’s actually one of the best I’ve used; you could empty the whole can without your finger getting tired.

Usually, 2-3 coats are applied, and it takes about 20 minutes for this spray paint to become dry-to-touch.

And don’t add another coat until the last one has had at least 2 hours of drying time. Also, don’t resume normal use of the surface until the finish has had 48 hours to cure.

To remove it from wood furniture, mineral spirits will do the trick.

Lastly, if you want more peace of mind during the application process—which is big for me—consider this product, as it’s backed by a pretty generous satisfaction guarantee.

What I Liked:

  • Its matte finish helps to mask surface defects like dents and scratches.
  • It’ll ensure you avoid roller and brush marks, and it’s dip-resistant thanks to its viscosity.
  • It can be sprayed continuously for several minutes, thanks to its capacity and comfortable spray tip.
  • It works on all kinds of materials, mainly because you don’t have to rough up the surface beforehand.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It can fade to a charcoal color if it’s exposed to UV rays day in and day out.
  • It’ll need to be touched up once or twice a year to keep its rich, black color.

My Thoughts:

I tend to stay away from black spray paints because they often deliver finite results, but Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover is one of the most reliable black spray paints I’ve had the pleasure of using. I’m a big fan of its muted sheen, and I believe this is what makes it ideal for dark woods and other materials. Also, applying it doesn’t take long, and once fully cured it can withstand even heavy foot traffic. If it wasn’t prone to fading, it’d be in the running for the “#1 Best” title.

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What to Consider When Buying Spray Paint for Wood


Durability is certainly an important factor to consider when browsing spray paints for wood furniture.

After all, if you get something that stays looking good for multiple years, that’ll be an attractive ROI.

A spray paint should, at the very least, protect wood from moisture, heat, and UV rays. While many spray paints are water resistant, you shouldn’t leave your wood exposed to continuous water.

Color & Appearance

Of course, what good is paint if it’s not visually appealing? But a spray paint shouldn’t just be easy on the eyes—it should also mask surface stains and defects.

And if the paint has a muted sheen, it’ll bring out the wood grain and other details better.


Most paints work best on bare wood. That said, many paints can be applied to any kind of surface, regardless of whether the surface was prepped or not.


Coverage and price go hand in hand. Therefore, if a can of spray paint is affordable and able to coat dozens of square feet, it’s cost-effective as well.

Tips for Spray Painting Wood Furniture

Clean & Sand Beforehand

If you want spray paint to adhere well to a wooden surface, you need to clean and sand the surface before spraying. Warm, soapy water will do, and fine-grit sandpaper should be used.

But you don’t want to take off too much material—just rough up the surface.

Spray in a Continuous Motion

When spray painting wood furniture, it’s best to spray in a continuous motion until the furniture has been adequately coated. If you spray this way, achieving a smooth, uniform finish is so much easier.

If you’re spray painting indoors, be sure to use a drop cloth or drape of some sort to collect overspray. If it ends up getting on some wood you don’t want, check out these methods to remove spray paint from wood.

Go From Top to Bottom

If you spray paint wood furniture from top to bottom, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding drips and runs.

Where you start spraying doesn’t matter as much when you’re spray painting horizontal surfaces, but you should still go from side to side, working your way up or down until the whole surface has been coated.

Wondering how to spray paint your wood furniture? Check out the video below!

Indoor vs Outdoor Spray Paint for Wood

Indoor spray paints aren’t designed to withstand sustained moisture and UV ray exposure, and that’s why they shouldn’t be used outdoors.

You can use outdoor spray paints on indoor wood surfaces, but this isn’t recommended since most of these outdoors-only spray paints have more VOC.

Are you searching for a HVLP spray gun for your wood projects? Check out the best HVLP spray guns for woodworking!

Final Thoughts

To recap, the best spray paint for wood is Krylon Fusion Spray Paint because it’s an all-around fantastic product that’ll stay looking great and holding strong for several years, and it’s easier to use and more affordable than spray paints of similar quality.

When an exceptionally durable spray paint for wood furniture is what you’re after, give Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer a shot, as it delivers superior protection against moisture, UV rays, and all the other elements that wear down surfaces.

And if you’ve got a limited budget to work with, you can’t go wrong with the affordable yet capable Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel Spray Paint.