Flower tower assembly

Flower Tower Build Along | Online Beginner Woodworking Course

If you’re on the hunt for a beginner woodworking project that is actually made for beginners you’re in the right place. The Picket Fence Flower Tower was specifically designed with beginners in mind and there’s even an entire beginner woodworking course to walk you through each step of the build.

It’s the perfect first woodworking project – even if you’ve never used power tools before.

completed flower tower - two levels of flower boxes connected to a picket fence backer with flowers planted inside boxes

Picket Fence Flower Tower

I absolutely love how this beginner woodworking project came together!

I’ve been spending so much time cooped up inside working on updating our home that it was such a nice break to get outside and work on an outdoor project.

This is our first spring in our new home and there is absolutely no landscaping or flower beds here. I’m not quite ready to start digging out flower beds yet, so hopefully this pretty flower tower will tide me over until I have the time to start a big landscaping project.

close up of flowers inside flower boxes on Picket Fence Flower Tower

Why is the Flower Tower a perfect beginner woodworking project?

One of the reasons I’m so excited about this project is that it is so beginner-friendly.

I can remember when I first got started with woodworking how difficult it was to find projects that really were made for beginners, but didn’t look like boring high school shop projects. I wanted to build pretty things!

This Picket Fence Flower Tower turned out so pretty! I don’t think it looks like a beginner project at all.

Flower Tower Build Along online beginner woodworking course mock up - picture of computer screens and tablet screen with online woodworking course material

Detailed Instruction

Instead of vague instructions that assume you already have extensive building knowledge, this project includes detailed building instructions with high quality images for each step.

Plus videos to walk you through each part of the build.

mock up of picket fence flower tower woodworking plans

Beginner Power Tools

Instead of a bunch of complicated specialty tools, this project only uses 3 power tools that really are beginner friendly – I promise!

I specifically designed the Picket Fence Flower Tower to only use 3 basic beginner power tools – a drill, sander and chop saw. These are the perfect first power tools for any aspiring builder. 

Need some guidance on these power tools? Don’t worry there’s a bonus video series included in the Flower Tower Build Along that will give you a quick overview of each power tool.

mock up of online woodworking course videos and materials

Common Lumber 

I know how overwhelming lumber shopping can be when you first get started with woodworking and I promise this project skips all of the overwhelm by making sure you can walk down the lumber aisle with confidence.

The Picket Fence Flower Tower is built using common lumber that can be found in most big home improvement stores. I was able to purchase all of the lumber for my build at my local Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

I know that as a beginner woodworker shopping for lumber can be intimidating. That’s why I included an entire video module in the Flower Tower Build Along where we walk through the lumber aisle together and I show you exactly what to look for when you’re shopping.

completed Picket Fence Flower Tower in front of a tree and green grass with flowers planted inside flower boxes

Weekend Project

I wholeheartedly believe that your first woodworking projects should feel like a quick win. This project takes the perfect amount of time to make sure your motivation stays high and you feel challenged while also making fast progress.

You should expect this beginner woodworking project to take you a couple days to finish. If you’re a more experienced builder you may be able to get the whole thing done in just a few hours. 

I built my Flower Tower over the course of a week during nap times and after my kiddos went to bed.

close up of flowers inside Picket Fence Flower Tower

Build a Picket Fence Flower Tower

In the Flower Tower Build Along the build is broken down into easy steps with written instructions and videos.

I want to make sure you have the best first building experience possible and this course will totally set you up for success!

Prepare for your build

How you prepare for your project is just as important as the building process. So to make sure you get started on the right foot we spend a bit of time making sure you’re fully prepared for the build.

In this section we go over how to shop for lumber, how to understand board dimensions, the power tools you’ll need to build this project and some safety tips.

Build Along Course

Once you’re fully prepped for the project, it’s time to start building!

The entire build process is mapped out in the Flower Tower Build Along course.

The build is separated into 5 videos, each focusing on a specific part of the project. Additionally you’ll have a copy of the printable woodworking plans to take notes and help keep you on track.

Plus – there’s some amazing bonuses snuck into the course! You can find all the info on those here.

Text: Picket Fence Flower Tower with picture of completed flower tower. Arrow pointing at flower tower with text: build this

Flower Tower Build Along | Online Beginner Woodworking Course

If you’re ready to quit just dreaming about DIY and start actually building I am so excited to guide you through one of your first builds! You can find all of the details about the Flower Tower Build Along (including the bonus materials) right here.

Happy building!