Woodworking Gifts for Dad

25+ Awesome Woodworking Gifts for Dad (2023 Guide)

Is your dad a woodworker or handyman? Yeah, mine too. So I totally understand the struggle of trying to figure out what gifts to get him for his birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas – the list goes on and on.

What does he need that he doesn’t have already? What would make him happy? 

Don’t spend another second in confusion, because I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best functional, totally awesome woodworking gifts for Dad for any special occasion! 

25+ Fun Woodworking Gift Ideas for Dad (Under $500!)

1. Enhon Mechanical Carpenter Pencils Set | $23.99

Every woodworker, handyman, and carpenter needs a quality mechanical carpenter’s pencil set. These are great alternatives to regular wood pencils. 

Mechanical carpenter pencils allow for a finer-detailed markup, which makes for increased precision.

The refillable lead tips also prevent those annoying little wooden shavings created by sharpening a wooden pencil. 

So if you’ve got a dad who likes to keep things neat, tidy, and precise in his workshop, grab him this mechanical carpenter pencil set. 

2. Rockler Wood Glue Dispenser | $24.99

Every woodworker uses wood glue at some point, and having a wood glue dispenser can come in extremely handy.

Not only do these make it easier to dispense, but they also help keep your bottle unclogged and keep the glue fresh.

This is one of the best gift ideas you can find for under $25.

3. 14-Piece Carbon Steel Drill Bit Set by IRWIN Marples Forstner | $54.98

Steel drill bits are super practical items used to drill holes in a variety of common materials like wood, fiberglass, PVC, and light metals. 

Drill bit sets provide different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for any project. 

Check out this quality carbon steel drill bit set from IRWIN. It comes with 14 pieces, all designed to easily drill flat-bottomed and pocket holes in either soft or hard woods.

4. WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector With Bluetooth Wireless by 3M Store | $49.95

I really love this one, and he’ll love it too. 

You know about hearing protectors for loud woodworking projects. But have you heard of a hearing protector with built-in bluetooth speakers? 

Gift your dad these WorkTunes Connect headphones. He can connect them to his favorite playlist, and jam out while he power-saws. Work just got more fun!

5. Dust Half Mask Respirator by GVS Elipse | $48.41

Your dad’s safety is a priority, so gift him with a quality respirator mask. Masks like this GVS Elipse protect the respiratory system from fine sawdust, and other unsavory particles created by woodworking.

This half mask features a hook and loop closure, with super lightweight and comfortable materials.

It’s designed to keep the wearer safe from dust and fumes that might contain: 

  • Marble
  • Microorganisms
  • Gypsum
  • Titanium oxide
  • Wood 
  • Detergents
  • Textile fibers

6. Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron by the Generic Store | $25.49

Grab the dad in your life a custom logo wood branding iron, which works on woods, leathers, plastic and paper. This is the perfect gift for anyone with a woodworking business.

It’s customizable, too. Choose the handle material, a special pattern or icon, and the business or personal name. 

To really impress him on Father’s Day, you can even upload a hand-designed logo that the store will replicate. Now that’s what I call “custom.”

7. One Plank Woodworking Projects by Andy Standing | $21.71

To provide your dad with new woodworking project ideas for his woodworking hobby, get him a copy of One Plank Woodworking Projects.

Woodworking plans make a great gift, providing useful instruction for trying something new.  

This woodworking book shares practical guides for building functional household projects using just a single scrap plank of wood. Pretty cool. 

8. Man Crates Knife Making Kit | $149.99

He’s definitely going to geek out about this one. Check out this knife making kit by Man Crates; it’s a hands-on knife constructing project. 

The kit comes with all the necessary materials, like a stainless steel blade, maple handles, and a leather sheath. The step-by-step instruction guide makes it easy to put together.

So if you’re looking for the “ultimate project kit for the guy who loves to work with his hands,” this is the one.

9. Personalized Woodshop Sign by Chico Creek Signs Store | $23.95

Another fun woodworking gift idea is this personalized woodshop sign by Chico Creek Signs. 

To really make your dad’s workshop feel like his own domain, gift him this matte aluminum sign bearing his name or a custom message. 

It’ll give his home workshop a classic vintage feel, and is definitely the ideal gift for a heartfelt keepsake.

10. Japanese Pull Saw 9.5 inch Ryoba Double Edge Flush Cut by SUIZAN | $40.80

How cool does this Japanese pull saw look? He’s going to think so too. 

Most people are more familiar with push saw hand tools. But pull saws are long handled tools with a lighter weight that requires less power to cut wood, providing cleaner edge. 

This saw has a beautiful, grippy wood handle. SUIZAN also sells replacement blades for it.

Looking for other hand saws for woodworking gifts? Check out these amazing coping saws and these excellent dovetail saws!

11. Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack by Bora Store | $39.00

We’re heading back down the practical route again. 

Does the dad in your life struggle with organization? Is it hard to see the floor of his workshop due to all the stray lumber? 

Consider gifting him this affordable wall-mounted wood organizer and lumber storage rack. 

This 6-level wood and metal rack makes the most of the space at hand. It effectively stores lumber, firewood, PVC pipes, tools, and ladders.

12. 8-Piece Router Template Guide Assorted Set with Case by BOSCH | $29.48

Does your dad have a BOSCH router? This is the perfect gift idea. This 8-piece set comes with six popular router template guides, from large and small dovetail router guides to two radius hinge guides. 

Owning this set allows for a fast toolless change, and comes with a convenient carrying case. Organization at its best!

13. Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) Annual Membership | $72 annually (with frequent annual discounts)

Woodworking doesn’t have to be a totally solitary undertaking. What if you gifted your dad with a membership to the esteemed Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA)? 

This membership offers a lot of bang for your buck (especially with promotions like their current $1.99 for the first year). 

Membership includes:

  • Professional tips and techniques
  • Expert step-by-step instructional videos 
  • Detailed plans & cut lists by master woodworkers.

14. “I enjoy romantic walks through the hardware store” t-shirt by Funny Handyman Shirts | $19.98

Your dad’s not always serious, and your gifts don’t have to be either! What’s better than a dad joke mixed with a woodworking reference?

Pick your woodworking dad up one of these Funny Handyman t-shirts. This one reads, “I enjoy romantic walks through the hardware store.” It comes in black, cranberry red, and heather gray.

15. 6-Piece Wood Chisel Tool Set with Case by EZARC Store | $49.29

Are you shopping for a highly experienced woodworker who likes challenging projects? Get him some wood chisels. 

A high quality wood chisel set can last for years, and this one by EZARC is no exception. The six chisels are made with steel and a hard ash tree handle, with a beautiful wood gift box for storing.

16. Waxed Canvas Work Apron by ecoZen Lifestyle | $39.98

A woodworking shop apron is a perfect Father’s Day gift, combining a stylish custom fit with a pragmatic daily-use item.

To protect his clothes and skin from paints, sawdust, and blades, purchase one of these beautiful waxed canvas work aprons from ecoZen.

This is a great full-coverage, heavy duty option with five pockets. It’s actually comfortable to wear for hours.

17. 19641 Rotape Beam Compass by BigHorn | $28.95

Check out this nifty tool, the perfect present for Christmas as a great stocking stuffer.

Get your woodworking dad a rotape beam compass by BigHorn. This nifty pocket-sized tool combines a measuring tape and a pencil scribe. 

You can use it to make a radius from 3-½ inches to 6 feet. You can even use it to mark straight and parallel lines, arcs, and circles. 

This tool’s even handy for artists and theatrical set designers. Plus, it’s made in the USA which is always a bonus. 

18. Contour Gauge Profile Tool (10 inch lock) by Saker | $22.78

A contour gauge is a constant companion for woodworkers and handypeople of all kinds. Totally practical and always useful, your dad will appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

Saker’s contour gauge comes in both a 5-inch and 10-inch version, in a cool black-and-orange color.

What’s more, you can actually customize its packaging with a Christmas-themed box or a Father’s Day box. It’s a really nice touch on the part of the company. 

19. Wall Mountable TA10B Air Hose Reel (25 ft) by Giraffe Tools | $79.99

Grab dad an air hose reel for his air compressor. Giraffe Tools offers a good hose reel for a good price. Choose from either a 25-foot-long hose or a 50-foot-long hose.

It has an adjustable arm, and can be mounted to the floor, ceiling, or wall of any garage or workshop. 

And if you really want to splurge on that special dad in your life, why not get him a top-notch air compressor? These ones are so powerful, and great for sandblasting.

20. Spray paint gun with 6 Copper Nozzles & 3 Patterns by WIBENTL | $42.49

If your woodworking dad likes to do DIY home repair projects, a spray paint gun would allow him to tackle new projects with greater ease.

Save him the hassle of hand-painting, and gift him this WIBENTL spray paint gun. It comes with six copper nozzles and three patterns.

21. 6 Inch Bar Clamp Set (300 pounds load) by the Jorgensen Store | $26.39

Wood clamps are one of those essential tools for any craftsman dad. They’re great for keeping wood pieces together as glue dries for a tight seal, and holding items firmly in place. 

Jorgensen sells this really nice 6 inch bar clamp set with a 300 pound capacity. Pick one up and feel confident your dad will use it regularly.

22. Waterproof Wood Glue (18 oz) by Gorilla | $10.97

Woodworking dads can never get enough wood glue.

Keep his shopping bill down by giving a bottle of this waterproof Gorilla wood glue. There’s also a 2-pack and 4-pack available.

Gorilla glue has become a household name among woodworkers, so you know it’s good. It’s a polyurethane glue, one of the most affordable and strong types of wood glue on the market.

23. LED Flashlight Gloves by ThxToms | $11.99

Want to take your dad off guard with a unique gift? I’ve got just the thing: LED flashlight gloves by ThnxToms. 

These funky gloves with built-in flashlights look cool, and are useful in different scenarios, like working in tight, dark spaces, or with fine-detailed woodworking and carving projects.

24. Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles by DEWALT | $9.93

Safety eye goggles are always a nice gift. Pick up a pair of these anti-fog dual mold safety goggles by DEWALT. Your dad will feel appreciated and that you care about his health and safety.

25. Multi-Function Portable Desktop Calculator with LCD Display Notepad by TRELC | $12.79

Rounding off this list is a nifty scientific calculator with a built-in LCD display notepad. Super cool – have you ever seen anything like it?

This calculator makes it easy for your dad to do all the math he needs for his wood building (and sometimes, there’s a lot of math involved!). 

But it also allows him to easily write out the work or take notes on the attached light notepad. It’s nice and portable, too. 

26. Gift certificate to local woodworking or home improvement store

If you’re in a situation where you know your dad or grandfather usually just buys everything he wants when he wants it, you can always play it safe. 

Buy him a gift certificate to your local home services or woodcraft store, like Home Depot or Woodcraft Supply where he can get creative with his own purchase. 

Don’t worry about it feeling impersonal; he’ll surely appreciate the practicality of it!


What to get a dad who likes woodworking? 

You can get dads functional woodworking tools, handy supplies like wood glue and mechanical pencils, a bottle opener, novelty socks, or fun woodworking-themed gifts like t-shirts and hearing protectors with built-in radio. 

What can I make my dad out of wood?

You can make a little end table, a storage box, a wooden spoon, a wooden bowl, or a wood turned pen for your dad. Look for beginner-friendly woodworking projects, and get creative!

What should I get my dad for his birthday DIY?

Some great birthday DIY gift ideas include homemade bookmarks, handmade checkerboards, a high quality apron for grilling or woodworking, DIY beer koozie, or a snack tin of all his favorite goodies.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our woodworking gift guide for dads, all under $150. Hopefully you’ve found the perfect gift for the woodworker in your life. 

From thoughtful to practical to funny, these woodworking gift ideas will work great for holidays, birthdays, and Father’s Day. Happy shopping!