BOSCH Jigsaw Review

BOSCH Jigsaw Review (Is it Worth the Money?)

I’ve owned the BOSCH 7 amp corded jigsaw for a few months now and have some strong thoughts about whether it’s worth your money.

In this BOSCH jigsaw review, I’ll go over the key specs and features, some of the things I liked and didn’t like, and ultimately how it compares to other jigsaws. Let’s dig in!

BOSCH Jigsaw Review

BOSCH JS470E Jigsaw

For reference, this review will cover the BOSCH JS470E 7.0 amp corded jigsaw. I’ll also compare other BOSCH jigsaws in the sections below.

Power & Performance

Where this jigsaw really stands out is the overall power it delivers. With a 7.0 amp motor, this jigsaw has no difficulty cutting through wood, metal, plastic, or really anything.

Using BOSCH Jigsaw

When you compare that to other jigsaws available, most corded models will feature a 6 amp motor with less overall power.

This jigsaw can deliver up to 3,100 SPM of blade speed which is fast enough to cut through the toughest materials thanks to the four orbital action settings.

BOSCH JS470E Jigsaw Orbital Action Settings

And surprisingly enough, despite all of the power that comes with this saw, it’s still nimble enough to maneuver around tight corners and easy to control with the variable speed dial and trigger.

If you need a jigsaw that’s extremely capable – this BOSCH jigsaw is a great choice and one of the best jigsaws you can buy.

Ease of Use & Comfort

Overall, this jig saw is pretty straightforward and simple to use. It has a variable speed trigger and dial for complete control of how fast you cut.

BOSCH JS470E Jigsaw Variable Speed Dial

You can adjust the speed dial to the maximum speed you want and then use the trigger to reach that speed. This gives you two ways to really dial in the cutting speed you want – which I love.

It has a rubberized top handle grip that’s extremely comfortable and reduces vibrations so you don’t have any hand fatigue.

It also features a locking button to so you don’t have to hold the trigger continuously, which is super convenient.

BOSCH JS470E Jigsaw Locking Trigger

The blade change system is extremely fast and requires no tools so you can quickly changes blades as needed. This jigsaw even comes with a t shank blade out of the box – so you don’t need to purchase them separately although BOSCH does make the best jigsaw blades for plywood.

BOSCH JS470E Jigsaw Blade Change

The footplate is also pretty easy to adjust when making bevel cuts thanks to the on board bevel wrench.

Special Features

Like many other jigsaws on the market, you’ll get all of the standard features including:

  • 4 orbital action settings to control blade strokes depending on what material you’re cutting
  • Dust blower to keep your area clear of debris
  • Anti splinter insert
  • Hard plastic carrying case included


In terms of durability, this saw is definitely on the stronger side. The hard plastic shell and die cast foot feel extremely sturdy in your hand.

Additionally, this jigsaw comes with a solid carrying case so you can transport it wherever you need to go safely and securely.

Price & Warranty

In terms of price, this BOSCH jigsaw is on the pricer side – but I firmly believe it’s worth it. When compared to other corded jigsaws on the market, expect to pay slightly more – but remember that you’ll get a more powerful motor to go along with it.

For the warranty, BOSCH backs their products with a 1-year limited warranty. While this isn’t the length I’d like – it’s pretty standard for many power tool brands.

What I Liked:

  • Amazing power and can cut through any material with ease
  • Variable speed dial and orbital action settings allows you to easily control how fast you cut
  • Accepts t shank blades that are extremely easy to change with a blade ejection lever so you never have to touch a hot blade
  • Rubberized grip with locking button make this jigsaw extremely comfortable
  • Tool vibration was limited which allows for smooth cuts
  • Features a super long cord so you don’t have to rely on extensions in most cases
BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw, Blue
  • ERGONOMIC TOP-HANDLE: soft-grip areas supply a solid, comfortable grip
  • CONVENIENT: featuring a tool-less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that…
  • 4-IN-1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts for…

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Heavier than other jigsaws because of the improved motor which can cause some shoulder fatigue
  • Priced a little high compared to other jigsaws
  • No LED light, although this is a very minor gripe
  • Short 1-year warranty

How BOSCH Jigsaws Stack Up

  • BOSCH JS470E – Classic 7 amp top handle corded jigsaw
  • BOSCH GST18V-47N – This is BOSCH’s cordless barrel grip jigsaw. I’d recommend this say for more intricate cuts because the barrel grip gives you a little more control
  • BOSCH JS260 – this is a less powerful version of the 7 amp top handle corded jigsaw
  • BOSCH GST18V-50N – Classic top handle 18v cordless jigsaw

Final Thoughts

Overall, the BOSCH JS470e jigsaw is a tremendous jigsaw that I would highly recommend. In fact, I have it rated as the best corded jigsaw you can buy!

If you’re looking for a powerful jigsaw that’s versatile, durable, and easy to use – this is the jigsaw for you. There isn’t much you can say bad about this saw other than the weight and price – but the pros certainly outweigh these negatives.

Whether you’re a woodworker, contractor, or just an everyday homeowner – you can’t go wrong with this BOSCH jigsaw.

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